FAQs for Programmable WiFi Thermostats

WiFi Thermostats
WiFi Thermostats

FAQs for Programmable WiFi Thermostats

How do I know which model to buy? 

  1. Make sure that the model that you choose has WiFi capability.
  2. Ensure that your choice is right for your home’s cooling and heating systems.
  3. Always select a model that offers many different day programming options such as:
  • 7-Day programming – Homeowners who have busy schedules find this option useful as it allows them multiple individual daily programs.
  • 5-1-1-Day – This is a good option for homeowners who need separate programs for Saturdays and Sundays, as well as multiple weekday options.
  • 5-2-Day – Homeowners who require separate programming for weekends and weekdays prefer this option.
  • 1 Week – This option allows for numerous weekly programs. 

Do Programmable WiFi Thermostats require an electrician to do the installations? WiFi Thermostats

It’s always a good idea for a professional HVAC contractor to be consulted to clarify your needs; however, most models are designed to install easily with minimum effort and are usually regarded to be Do-It-Yourself projects. Keep in mind that your Programmable Thermostat should be installed on an interior wall, away from heating or cooling vents. 

Are Programmable WiFi Thermostats hard to program?

Most products come with clear and easy to follow instructions. Once installed, Programmable WiFi Thermostats are easy to operate, offering you the flexibility to quickly change programs to suite your requirements or lifestyle.

What tools are typically needed for the installation of a Programmable WiFi Thermostat?

Programmable WiFi Thermostats require only basic household tools for installation, such as a Hammer, Star Screwdriver, Flathead Screwdriver, Mini Drivers, Batteries, Flashlight and an Electrical Drill. Some models may have specific tool requirements which are usually provided.

How do I properly dispose of my old thermostat? 

Some old thermostats may include a switch which contains mercury. This hazardous material is harmful to the environment and human health and should therefore be avoided. To dispose of a thermostat appropriately, contact your local council to find out where your nearest disposal centre is located. 

Can Programmable WiFi Thermostats be used with all heating and cooling systems?

Some Programmable Thermostats have limitations with heat pumps, as well as electric resistance, steam and radiant floor heaters.

If I set my thermostat back, won’t my system have to work extra hard to restore required temperatures?

No, because the energy spent to restore required temperatures is less than the energy saved while the equipment is  resting.

What are the temperature guidelines for ENERGY STAR Programmable WiFi Thermostats? 

Refer to the table below for the ENERGY STAR Programmable Thermostat temperature guidelines.



Setpoint Temperature (Heat)

Setpoint Temperature (Cool)

Wake 6:00 a.m. <= 70 degrees F  >= 78 degrees F
Day 8:00 a.m.  Setback at least 8 degrees F Setup at least 7 degrees F
Evening 6:00 p.m.  <= 70 degrees F  >= 78 degrees F
Sleep 10:00 p.m.  Setback at least 8 degrees F  Setup at least 4 degrees F


How much energy do Programmable WiFi Thermostats save?

According to US Department of Energy, homeowners can save up to 10% a year on heating and cooling bills if they turn the Thermostat back daily for eight hours at a time.

However, it is very important to understand that Programmable WiFi Thermostats don’t save any energy unless they are properly programmed by humans. This is critical. Also, please read my opinion on energy saving predictions.

What are the most popular thermostat programs?

In winter, popular thermostat program settings are 68°F when awake and 3-5°F lower when asleep or 5-10°F lower when away. Popular thermostat program settings in summer are 77°F when awake and 3-5°F higher when asleep or 5-10°F higher when away. You can readjust temperatures manually; however, programmable thermostats can provide you better comfort by automatically adjusting to normal before you awake or about to return home.

WiFi Thermostats

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