What makes a Programmable WiFi Thermostat Green?

WiFi Thermostat
WiFi Thermostat

What makes a Programmable WiFi Thermostat Green?


A product is considered green if it has characteristics that protect the environment. Human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, oil and gas extraction, and hydroelectric power generation, damages our environment.

WiFi Thermostat

All electrical goods and lighting systems in homes consume electricity which is produced from burning fossil fuels such as coal. This burning activity releases greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. These gases when released in the atmosphere trap heat, resulting in a warming of the planet.  This in turn, destroys the natural environment for plant and animal species. The less we as humans burn fossil fuels, the better it is for our environment. Moreover, the burning of coal also results in releases of mercury which is considered to be very toxic to all biological species, including human beings.

A Programmable Thermostat is green due to its ability to conserve energy which in turn reduces electricity consumption and the burning of fossil fuels while at the same time allowing homeowners to save money.

WiFi Thermostat

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