Whole House Air Purifier Tips and tricks

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Whole House Air Purifier Tips and tricks

Minimize or eliminate sources of contamination.
Obviously some sources of contamination in your home can be easily dealt with and others cannot. The best strategy to reduce contaminants in your home is to minimize or eliminate them.

Open your windows if possible.
Opening your windows to increase air circulation is not always a convenient option, and as I pointed out earlier in this review, ventilation is relatively poor in many modern homes because they were designed to reduce airflow to and from the outdoors as much as possible. So using a Whole House Air Purifier to supplement these other avenues of cleaning indoor air is a good idea.

Whole House Air Purifier

Know the equipment limitations.
In order to choose the correct Whole House Air purifier for your home you need to understand what each type of purifier can and cannot do. Most Whole House Air Purifiers are designed to remove unhealthy particles in the air. Larger particles are often missed by the air cleaner because gravity pulls them to the ground more quickly than smaller particles keeping them out of the purifier’s reach.

Therefore Whole House Air Purifiers are best at removing smaller particles from the air. For the larger ones, simple surface wiping and regular vacuuming cleaning will do the trick. Research has shown that a good Whole House Air Purifier can be up to 90% effective in reducing particles such as cat dander and dust mites.

It is important to understand and accept the limitations of air purifiers in order to comprehend their usefulness. Whole House Air Purifiers are not meant to be a substitute for opening your windows and cleaning your house, however, in conjunction with these simple strategies, Whole House Air Purifiers can help to control the levels of airborne particles in your home.

Whole House Air Purifiers do not deal with all the hazards of indoor air pollution on their own but are a useful tool that should not be overlooked by anyone interested in keeping the air in their home as clean as possible. When a Whole House Air Purifier is used in conjunction with good ventilation and good cleaning practices, the air in a typical home will be clean and germ free.

Position the air purifier correctly.
In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, Air Purifiers should be placed somewhere away from walls or other obstructions and positioned in such a way that the clean air is blown into occupied areas of your home. The purifier should be placed near any known sources of contamination that was not able to be removed. Air purifiers are most efficient when all the doors and windows of the room in which they are located are closed.

Whole House Air Purifier

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