What makes Whole House Water Filters green?


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What makes Whole House Water Filters green?

So where did we get the idea that whole house water filters are green?
Well, this is how I see it: anything that can get us as humans away from producing more plastic water bottles and depleting aquifers at the expense of local populations, sounds very green to me.

I feel the same way about not drinking chemicals that were used to purify my water, and I don’t want to have the carbon footprint of water deliveries on my conscience either.

But there are many other reasons why whole house water filters are green. Take a look at what I came up with and let me know if you agree:

water filters

Chemical free.
Zero chemicals are used in the water filtration process or discharged into the environment.
Reduces the use of plastic.
Eliminates the purchase of thousands of water in plastic bottles and tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
Occupant comfort.
Odor-free water is more pleasurable to drink.
Reduces transport.
Eliminates the need for water bottle deliveries, thereby saving cost, and fuel usage and emissions.
Space Saving.
The entire system takes up less than five square feet of garage wall space
Intelligent and efficient.
Makes use of advanced technology that indicates imminent UV lamp replacement time as well as reporting on the proper functioning of the system.
The ultraviolet lamp is easy to replace, does not require tools, and is childproof.
Saves energy.
Consumes no more energy than a 40 watt light bulb.
No moving parts makes the system reliable, thereby saving work, time and money.
Bacteria, viruses, and cysts are destroyed by the UV light to protect occupant health.
Saves money.
Saves more than $500 that an average household spends on bottled water annually.
Low maintenance.
Periodic replacement of water filters or lamps takes less than a minute.
Durability and longevity.
Moving-part free, the equipment will outlive homeowners.
The equipment, lamps, and water filters are all recyclable.
Supports human rights.
Withdraws the support of the bottled water industry that is privatizing and pumping aquifers dry at the expense of local populations.

water filters

With the above image, I rest my case ………..

Water Filters

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