Whole House Water Filter Tips and Tricks.

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Whole House Water Filter Tips and Tricks. 

Hire a plumber to install your system.
Although a whole house water filter is sold with clear instructions, cutting into water pipes might be best left to a plumber. In addition, an understanding of pressure and flow is helpful to ensure that the system is set up to perform as designed. The “measure twice, cut once” rule applies when it comes to the installation of a whole house water filter.

No hot water.
A whole house water filter system should not have water run through it that is hotter than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Install your system on the cold water line after it has entered the home and before any splits.

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Position the system correctly.
If any other water purification components are used in conjunction with the water filter, make sure that the two filters and the UV light are positioned last in-line.

Keep scale out of the system.
To increase their performance and life, Electronic Scale Removers should be installed before any water filter.

Don’t rely on taste and flow rate signals.
Don’t wait until you can detect a bad taste or change in water flow rate to indicate that your filters and UV lamp need to be replaced. By then, it’s too late, and you will already be consuming toxins. To ensure proper functioning of the water filter system, always respond immediately to UV lamp replacement and maintenance warning lights.

Spend a little extra for the technology.
Water filter systems that include UV are sophisticated appliances. Take full advantage of their technology by buying a model that has an electronic lamp age display and also a coded alert for anything that is not working properly and needs attention.

Don’t fall for cheap alternatives advertised on TV.
A pitcher or faucet mounted filter as often advertised on TV does not produce the same level of purified water as a whole house water filter with UV system. The reason for this is firstly because the former uses only a very small amount of activated carbon compared to a whole house system. Besides the two big activated carbon filters, a UV lamp to remove live organisms, bacteria, and viruses, etc. is also not included. So, if you want to drink real purified water in your home, don’t fall for the cheap solutions advertised on TV.

Don’t believe that boiled water is an alternative to a whole house water filter systems.
Boiling water is effective in destroying cryptosporidium, E.coli, giardia, but it does not remove many contaminants such as heavy metals. Furthermore, the water has to be boiled boil for a long time and then you have to wait for it to cool down before it can be consumed. Unlike a whole house water filter system, boiling water is not an effective or time-saving solution.

Don’t be confused by ratings.
Micron size ratings are important, but they can be confusing and opting for a water filter with the smallest rating is not always the right choice. When a water filter is installed in line, the one with larger micron rating should be installed first. The filter with smaller micron rating should be installed next with the one with the smallest rating last.

Water Filter

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