Whole House Water Filter Systems FAQ

Water Filter Systems

Whole House Water Filter Systems FAQ

What makes them systems?
They are compact and efficient water treatment systems that offer sediment pre-filtration, pre activated carbon treatment and UV sterilization in a single package.

Are Water Filter Systems green and chemical free?
Whole house water filter systems use a natural, non chemical process that does not affect the taste or odor of water. All that is involved is activated carbon and UV light.

What are the two blue filters for?
The two blue filters contain blocks of activated carbon that are capable of trapping minute organic particles, such as sediment particles as small as 5 microns, as well as volatile organic compounds and also bad odors.

How often do the carbon filters need to be changed?
Under normal use conditions, the carbon block filters should be replaced approximately once every six months.

How much do the water filter replacements cost?
See the latest prices for the replacement filters here.

Water Filter Systems

What is the silver cylinder for?
The water-tight silver cylinder houses the ultraviolet sterilizing light which destroys illness causing micro life forms as the water passes through it, such as parasites, bacteria or viruses like cryptosporidium, giardia, coliform and e.coli. It does this by destroying their DNA and thus their ability to reproduce.

How long does the UV lamp last?
The UV lamp lasts for about one year. See what users have to say.

How does one know when to change the UV lamp?
A handy timer counts down the days and sounds an alarm when the UV light must be replaced.

What does a replacement UV lamp cost?

See the latest prices for replacement UV lights.

How is the UV lamp replaced?
Without any need for tools, replacing the UV lamp can be completed in minutes with the simple twist of a hand.

How much energy do Water Filter Systems use?

This efficient water filter system uses about the same amount of energy as a 40 watt light bulb.

Is the UV light safe for children?
The metal cylinder that houses the UV light and its components are kept closed with a special child-proof safety cap, which also prevents it from being powered without the lamp in place.

How can one tell if the Water Filter System is working properly?
Warning lights on the power supply are activated when the system is malfunctioning or in need of maintenance.

Water Filter Systems

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