Whole House Water Filter System – 10 Best Features

Water Filter System

Whole House Water Filter System – 10 Best Features

  1. Eco-Friendly
    The water filter uses a natural purification process which is not harmful to the environment.
  2. Chemical Free
    The chemical free system produces odor free water.
  3. Space Saving and Modern Design
    The 3 part stylish water filter system occupies a small space of only 4.5 square feet.
  4. Automatic Lamp Replacement Timer
    A handy 365 day counter and alarm indicate when it’s time to replace the UV lamp for this water filter system.
  5. Automatic Monitoring
    Digital indicators automatically report proper functioning of the system. Water Filter System
  6. Safe and easy UV lamp replacement
    The UV lamp for this water filter system is easy to replace, does not require tools, and is childproof.
  7. Energy efficient.
    This water filter system consumes no more energy than a 40 watt light bulb.
  8. Reliability
    Power fluctuations do not affect the water filtering process.
  9. Kills illness-causing microorganisms
    The UV light destroys the DNA of all known bacteria, viruses and cysts found in water.
  10. Affordability
    For a whole house water filter, this system not only saves many hundreds of dollars in purchased bottle water, but is itself very affordable. See latest prices.

Water Filter System

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