Variable Speed Pump For Pools – Why Green?

Variable Speed Pump

Variable Speed Pump For Pools – Why Green?

Unlike a Variable Speed Pump, a standard pool pump uses a lot on unnecessary energy.

This is firstly because it is driven by old technology, an induction motor, whereas Variable Speed Pump is driven by new energy efficient technology, a permanent magnet motor. Secondly a standard pool pump is set to satisfy all of a pool owner’s demands, like water filtering, driving a pool vacuum, and activating waterfalls, spa jets and more.

Variable Speed Pump

The problem is that most of the time a pool pump does not have to do all that extra work, and could do a much better and more efficient job of filtering the pool if it were able to pump and filter much slower.

A Variable Speed Pump solves this problem because its speed can be set run fast only when needed.  The result is that most of the time a Variable Speed Pump can be set to run slowly, which together with its efficient permanent magnet motor, results in a significant saving in energy use for the pool owner.

All of this is good news for the planet because when less energy is consumed by an appliance, then less energy has to be produced, less or our natural resources get used up, less pollution is pumped into the atmosphere and less of a contribution is made to climate change.

Watch this video to see just how green  a Variable Speed Pump really is, as well as the complimentary green products that work together with it.

Variable Speed Pump

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