Tips and Tricks for Variable Speed Pool Pumps.

Variable speed pool pump

Tips and Tricks for Variable Speed Pool Pumps. 

 Check your pump basket regularly.
Pump baskets can become brittle and crack. When this happens, debris can slip through and end up interfering with the impeller, and cause the pump to malfunction. If it does happen, you can remove it manually. However, best practice is to check the basket regularly to make sure that no cracks are forming and if they are, to be proactive and replace it. Backwashing regularly is also a good idea.

Also, for optimum performance of the whole filtration system,  it is always a good idea to backwash regularly.

Variable Speed Pool Pumpss

Protect your pump from sun
Variable speed pool pumps include sophisticated electronic components which common sense tells you will last longer if protected from heat. Therefore, provide some shade for your pump but make sure that it still has plenty of air for its fan to blow.

It stands to reason that any mechanical equipment will last longer when protected from the elements.

Find a Contractor to do your pump sizing and system configuration calculations:
Once again, my recommendation is to hire an experienced and knowledgeable contractor to do these calculations and to take on the responsibility to ensure that the installation is done correctly. To give you an idea of what is involved in installing variable speed pool pumps, please take a look at this Pentair manual that describes how to do this. Unless you are an engineer, I rest my case:

Choose your filtering times.
Use your pump’s programmability. Find out when your electric utility’s peak usage times are and program your pump to run at the very lowest speeds during those hours or not at all. By running your variable speed pool pump at off-peak times, you will only attract charges that are calculated at the lowest rates. In addition to saving money, because it’s so silent, you won’t have to worry about keeping anyone awake at night.

Check for rebates.
Some cities and municipalities offer rebates and other incentives to homeowners who switch to variable speed pool pumps. Check this database to see if you are eligible.

Make your neighbor happy.
If your existing pool pump is close to your neighbor’s home, you can be sure that the noise is an irritation and disturbance that reduces their quality of life. Make them happy and get a variable speed pool pump today.

You will also benefit from a quieter environment.

Slower is always better.
When it comes to filtering anything, including air and water, slower is always better. This is the great advantage to using variable speed pool pumps. All the water in your pool only needs to be filtered once in 24 hours. Therefore, use the slowest setting possible, even if this means running all day. Your equipment will last even longer and your energy costs will plummet.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

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