First lets review the best features of a Variable Speed Pool Pump …

UTILITY COST SAVINGS – a Variable Speed Pool Pump can reduce one of the costliest electrical loads of a home and could save hundreds of dollars annually.
GOOD VALUE – as electrical utility costs increase, a Variable Speed Pool Pump’s value increases.
SOUND INVESTMENT – returning 20% – 30% of it cost every year, makes the a Variable Speed Pool Pump an excellent investment.

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Variable Speed Pool Pump

Now lets review these three Variable Speed Pool Pumps:

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28 x 12 x 15 inches
12 x 12 x 12 inches
31.2 x 12.5 x 15.2 inches
47 pounds
29 pounds
64 pounds
Speed settings
Motor type
Permanent magnet
Permanent magnet
Permanent magnet
2 Years
One year
One year
Energy Star
Energy Star
Energy Star
Buyer positive remarks
Worked as advertised,
I installed 100's of these - not one problem,
Money well spent,
Saving $100 PM,
Great pump
Saved $360/Yr,
Very quiet,
Love it,
Reduced bill $50/month,
Highly recommend,
Great pump
Sooooo quiet,
Glad I bought it,
Good buy,
Champion runner,
Worth extra money,
Works beautifully,
Top of the line
Buyer negative remarks
Only 60 day self install warranty,
Received in pieces,
Poor service,
Stopped working, low head pressure,
Difficult install
Expensive to return,
Arrived unsealed,
Failed after 3 years,
High pitched noise

But how does a Variable Speed Pool Pump work?

Unlike a Variable Speed Pool Pump, a standard pump uses a lot on unnecessary energy. This is firstly because it is driven by old technology, an induction motor, whereas Variable Speed Pool Pump is driven by new energy efficient technology, a permanent magnet motor.

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Variable Speed Pool Pump

What makes a Variable Speed Pool Pump green?

Variable speed pool pumps are green because they use very much less energy than standard single speed pool pumps. This is a benefit to our planet – less electricity used and produced means less carbon dioxide emissions and continued global warming.

A  reduction in energy consumed also translates into cost savings for homeowners.

In addition, homeowners save because of lower maintenance, less frequent equipment replacement and they enjoy better comfort due to lower noise levels.

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Let’s dig deeper with Variable Speed Pool Pump FAQs.

How much noise does a variable speed pool pump make?

Compare any two motors side by side and the one that runs 6-8 times slower is going to be the quieter of the two. Quiet running is one of the popular features of this technology.

Can I simply replace my existing pool with a variable speed pool pump, and then I’m done and can start saving? 

Not so fast! There are firstly many variables that need to be taken into consideration when sizing, installing and programming a variable speed pool pump. If you want to do justice to your investment and start saving some serious money with this appliance, then it’s time to call a professional to come and help. However, makes sure that the contractor that you call has the experience. Then go and visit one of his/her installations and ask the homeowners about their experience before hiring.

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Tips and tricks for a Variable Speed Pool Pump.

Overcoming reducing flow rates
As a pool filter slowly collects impurities, the pump delivers the water at a reducing rate.  This results in the reduced effectiveness of the moving water tasks, such as suction-side pool cleaners, spa jets and waterfalls.  Some Variable Speed Pool Pumps have built-in constant-flow software, which maximizes the advantages of variable-speed technology by sensing the changing filter resistance and automatically adjusts the pump’s flow to maintain the required task performance.

So there you have it…….. Can you see how a Variable Speed Pool Pump will make the world a little greener? If so, I hope that you will choose one of these …..

Variable Speed Pool Pump

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