Variable speed pool pump motor FAQs.

variable speed pool pump motor

Variable speed pool pump motor FAQs.

Are tax credits available for Hybrid Hot Water Heaters?

No, to my knowledge there are no tax credits available but some States, Counties and utility companies provide rebates.
However, I am not a tax professional, so please check the database of Federal and State energy tax credits and incentives.

How should a Variable Speed Pool Pump be installed?

Installing a variable speed pool pump is not as simple as replacing a single-speed pump.

To get the maximum benefit from this appliance, my recommendation is that you ask a licensed pool contractor to install it. To see what is involved, read page 8 of this Eco Star Hayward Variable Speed Pool Pump Users Manual.

Can the variable speeds be set and activated remotely?

Variable Speed Pool Pump

Yes, and the same controller can activate waterfalls, lights, fountains, heaters, spas, landscape lighting and more.
Some models even have hand-remote controls that you can operate while relaxing in your spa or pool or lazing in your backyard.

Watch this video for a full demonstration: 

How much energy will a Variable Speed Pool Pump save me?

No one can say exactly how much energy you will save because it depends on many variable features that are unique to you and your pool.

The variables are the:

  • pool filtration piping configuration
  • design of your pool
  • pool features
  • size of your pool
  • pool orientation to the sun
  • geographical location of your property
  • pool shading factors
  • frequency that your pool is used
  • type of cleaning methods and equipment used
  • filtration system
  • chlorination system and equipment
  • and more.

However, properly programmed and managed, and variable features depending, I have seen pool owners save significant energy costs using a Variable Speed Pool Pump instead of a conventional, and almost always oversized pump.

Provided that all conditions are kept equal, it is possible to compare the cost of running a variable speed pool pump against the cost of running a single speed pump. Check out this handy tool that will help you to calculate this.

What does total dynamic head (TDH) mean”?

When figuring out the size and settings of your variable speed pool pump, you will come across this term, especially when looking at pump performance curves. Very simply put, it refers to a pump’s ability to deliver the required amount of water to its intended destination after taking into consideration water flowing restricting factors such as the:

  • height that the water must be pumped
  • length of the pipes in the system
  • diameter of the system’s pipes
  • number and type of fittings
  • type of filters used
  • and more

 Please refer to my Tips and Tricks post for more information about calculating TDH.

Variable Speed Pool Pump

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