13 Reasons why Solar Tubular Skylights are green.

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13 Reasons why Solar Tubular Skylights are green.

Our environment can be protected through the use of green, sustainable products. Planet Earth is blessed with abundant sunlight, something that is experienced as a gift by all of us.

Tubular skylights are green features that capture this natural light and transfer it to areas of poor light quality within a building.

However, there are also other reasons why solar tubular skylights are green.

Below are my thirteen reasons:

Solar Tube Skylights

  • Energy saving – no electricity needed.
  • Heat reduction – no electric lamps to add to interior heat.
  • Air conditioning reduced – less heat means less cooling required.
  • Maintenance saving – less air conditioner use means fewer breakdowns.
  • Money savings – less energy and maintenance to pay for.
  • Comfort – occupants see easier, and moods are lifted.
  • Enhanced use of space – dark rooms are lit up.
  • Climate change reduction support – fewer greenhouse gasses are burned.
  • Planet protection – less air pollution and depletion of fossil fuels.
  • Sustainability – interiors are protected against UV light damage.
  • Value addition – well-lit homes and buildings are worth more.
  • Productivity increased – easier to work in well-lit areas.
  • Recyclable – made from glass metal and plastic.

Outdoor LED Lights

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