How a Solar Tubular Skylight works.

Tubular skylight

How a Solar Tubular Skylight works.

A tubular skylight can be described as a big pipe (tube), usually 8inches to 16 inches in diameter, that has been installed between a home’s roof surface and the ceiling of one of its rooms. Light travels down the tube and illuminates the room during the day time.

To keep rain and dust out, the roof end opening of the tube is covered with a durable clear acrylic dome. The dome has prisms and lenses that magnifies the sunlight and also filters out UV rays.

Solar Tube Skylights

The walls of a tubular skylight are made from a shiny metal and strategically fitted with and mirrors that assist in the transfer of the light to the room.  The path of the tube is often contorted which allows light to enter through a ceiling that is not directly below a sunny roof.

The bottom of the tube is fitted with a diffuser that projects the light into the room. Some are fitted with LED strip lights around the inside of the diffuser to provide light during the night or on cloudy days.

The quality of light that is projected by a tubular skylight  is almost four times greater than that produced by a 60 watt light bulb. An additional benefit is that tubular skylights do not produce any heat. This reduces the amount of work that a home’s air conditioners have to do.

Installing a solar tubular skylight is easy but should be done by a licensed roofing or solar contractor to ensure that the roof does not leak after the installation and that the roof warranty is not compromised.

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