My triple Bottom Line Opportunity.

My triple Bottom Line Opportunity.

Triple bottom line - Living Green ReviewsThe term “bottom line” has traditionally referred to the amount of net revenue that is retained by a business after all expenses have been deducted from gross revenue. However in recent years, society has begun to consider the costs that do not appear on a business’s profit and loss statement. These are the costs to people, families, communities, animals and the environment.

A factory that pollutes the environment and exploits workers is not seen any more to be as profitable as indicated in its financial statements. Similarly, a business that benefits environment, as well as people and communities, is seen to provide a Triple Bottom Line profit, or put differently is a win-win profit for all concerned.

A good example of a Triple Bottom Line is a safari business that hires ex hunters that live next to a game reserve, to work in the lodges and sell homemade curios to the tourists. The business profits because the animals are not hunted and are instead available for the tourists to come and see and there are also curios for them to buy. The workers benefit from the employment and the sale of curios and the environment benefits because the animals are not hunted any longer. The local government receives taxes from the commercial activity and uses the money to improve the local infrastructure which further benefits the locals and the safari business.  Everyone wins with this Triple Bottom Line profit scenario. Win Win - Living Green Reviews

With my Living Green Reviews website and my Switch it Green, Switch it Forward movement, I invite consumers to join me in an opportunity to achieve the below Triple Bottom Line win-win outcomes:

I win – My business profits from the sale of green products and I achieve My Rear View Mirror Goal.

You win – You receive green products or you sponsor someone to enjoy a greener lifestyle, save money, live healthier and more comfortably, and you receive public recognition for doing so.

The planet wins – More people using green goods improves sustainability, reduces pollution and climate change.

Our suppliers win – The suppliers and manufacturers of the green products in my  Green Store profit.

Low income families win – At no cost to the families we are going to install solar panels and eliminate their electric bills.  This will help them to lift out of poverty and use the savings to establish a college fund for their children, thereby insuring their freedom from poverty.

So this is my Triple Bottom Line opportunity. I hope that you will join me so that together, we can make a difference, one solar panel at a time. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to ("" (,, or

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