20 reasons why synthetic turf is green

synthetic turf

 20 reasons why synthetic turf is green

One of the most unsustainable and disasters of our time is our obsessive love affair with grass lawns. Installing toxic, expensive features around our homes, which have to be maintained on a weekly basis, at great increasing financial, labor and environmental cost, makes no sense at all.

One green alternative is to instead, plant functional native ground cover plants that support the environment, require no fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or mowing, and only a very small amount of maintenance and water. And this includes many durable varieties that handle regular human traffic and recreational activities.  Don’t believe any lawn mower manufacturer that tells you otherwise.

A second green alternative is to use synthetic turf. Here are my 20 best reasons why:

  • Labor savings – no more weeding, mowing, fertilizing and irrigation sprinkler adjusting.
  • Durability – synthetic turf  stands up to all weather conditions, as well as recreational wear and tear.
  • Improves occupant health – less pet borne tics and fleas are carried into the home by pets.
  • Reduces storm water toxins – pesticides, herbicide and fertilizer usage is ended.
  • Reduces landfill waste – synthetic turf means fewer cuttings, weeds, and car tires go to the dump.
  • Improves indoor air quality – lawn chemicals are not trooped indoors by pets and occupants.
  • Eliminates noise pollution – no more noisy motorized mowers, trimmers, and blowers.
  • Eliminates equipment costs – no more mowers, trimmers and sprinklers to purchase.
  • Reduces yard maintenance – irrigation, lawn mowing, and trimming equipment repairs are ended.
  • Reduces indoor maintenance – fewer muddy pet paws on floors and furniture to clean off.
  • Transport reduction – no more brown patches or dead lawn requiring new lawn to be delivered.
  • Supports aquifer replenishment – synthetic turf is more water permeable than matted lawn.
  • Mold reduction – standing water puddles on matted grass is eliminated.
  • Money savings – saves mowing costs as well as thousands of gallons of water every year.
  • Water savings – synthetic turf completely eliminates the need for irrigation.
  • Supports recycling – the fibers, backing, pins, fillers, and the base material can all be recycled.
  • Safety – synthetic turf is safer for small children than playing on real grass.
  • Low cleaning maintenance – easy to wash and pick up human, pet, and wind-borne debris.
  • Improves hygiene – synthetic turf provides a washable, cleaner dog waste environment.
  • Reduces air pollution – no more gas or electrically powered maintenance equipment.

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