Ten features that make swimming pool solar heating green.

Swimming pool solar heating

Ten features that make swimming pool solar heating green.

The technology behind swimming pool solar heating is not new. Plants have been capturing, storing and utilizing solar energy since the beginning of time. Yet strangely, humans only started to harness this unlimited source of energy during the 1960s.

In 1967, Swiss scientist Horace-Benedict de Saussure invented the first solar oven. His invention ushered in a tidal wave of useful products powered by this free resource, including swimming pool solar heating. This simple invention has become a common enhancement to swimming pools and is particularly supported for its green/sustainability credentials as listed below:

swimming pool solar heating

IMPROVES HOME OCCUPANT COMFORT – extra roof insulation means lower indoor temperatures.
REDUCES HOME ENERGY COSTS – A cooler attic helps to reduce air conditioning loads.
AFFORDABLE – An opportunity to start small and expand later.
MULTI PURPOSE – Cools hot pool water in summer and insulates the home.
NOISE FREE – No noise pollution from additional motors.
ZERO ENERGY COST – Solar energy is free.
LOW MAINTENANCE – No moving parts.
DURABLE – A 20-year life span is typical.
ECO-FRIENDLY – An energy source that does not harm the planet.
RENEWABLE ENERGY – No depletion of energy sources are involved.
INCREASES HOME VALUES – Green homes sell faster and for more.
ZERO EMISSIONS – No carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxides like typical pool heaters.

swimming pool solar heating

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