First, let’s first review the best features of solar swimming pool heating….

ECO-FRIENDLY – using energy from the sun to heat a pool does no harm to our planet

REQUIRES NO MAINTENANCE –  there are no moving parts that have to be serviced

EXTENDS THE SWIMMING SEASON – a few months more time to enjoy  the pool

ZERO ENERGY COST – free energy from the sun

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Now lets review these three solar swimming pool heating products:

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Deluxe Add-On In-ground Solar Panels
Eco Saver Solar Heating Panel System
Solar Pool Heater
2 feet x 10 feet
20 feet x 30 inches
2-2 feetx20 inches
Installation method
Roof Mounting
Ground or Roof Mounting
Roof Mounting
50 pounds
25 pounds
38 pounds
20,000 BTUs/panel/day
40,000 BTUs/panel/day
10 years
10 years
10 years
Buyer positive remarks
Instructions clear and easy to follow.

Definitely made a temperature difference.

Could feel the hot water coming into the pool.
Works GREAT!

Water stays 80- 86 degrees.

This thing really works.

Two thumbs up.
Doing just fine.

Came with everything.
we needed.
The solar panel works great.
Buyer negative remarks
No negative remarks
Not something you'll be using in a matter of minutes.

Requires a kind of rack to install on ground.

Over time, the Arizona sun took a toll on the plastic.

Setup a pain
Some of the add on products are a bit pricey.

Needs some plumbing parts to hook it up.

How does solar swimming pool heating work?

We have all noticed the black panels that on the roofs of some houses. They are solar collectors for swimming pool solar heating systems.  By watching plants in nature, humans realized that solar energy can be captured and stored. Swimming pool solar heating embraces this concept by absorbing heat from the rays of the sun and transferring it to swimming pool water in a simple and efficient manner.  Let’s take a look and see exactly how this works…

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What makes solar swimming pool heating Green? 

A solar pool heater uses sunlight, which is abundant, readily available, renewable, and free.  There are no harmful byproducts generated by the system such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxides. Using solar energy to heat your pool can eliminate up to ten tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere every swimming season.  Simply put solar heaters are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly.  By using a renewable energy source, like a solar heater, you can help safeguard the planet’s future.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, solar heaters require very little maintenance and can last for up to 20 years.  Less maintenance means fewer trips by technicians to service the unit and long lasting means less waste going into the landfills.  Using a solar heater is good for the environment and will save you money.

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Swimming pool heating

Lets dig deeper with solar swimming pool heating FAQs

What is the expected lifespan of a of a swimming pool solar heating system?
Today swimming pool solar heating systems are made of very durable materials and are designed to withstand very harsh conditions except for freezing. This means that if you live in a freeze zone you should drain the system before winter.  Other than that, with the aid of a timer, valves and the pool pump motor, everything works automatically and requires no maintenance.

Is swimming pool solar heating a DIY project?
Not really. The technical side is not that complicated; however, you could fall off the roof while attempting the installation which could cause you serious bodily harm or even death. So why not play it safe, purchase the parts and then hire a professional to install it?

What is the lifespan of a solar pool heater?
Although most are warranted for ten years, it is not at all uncommon for them to 20 years or even longer.

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Tips and Tricks for solar swimming pool heating

Don’t worry about under sizing
Swimming pool solar heating is a modular system. This means that you can start small and easily increase the number of panels if it turns out that you need the extra heat.

Don’t be put off by cost
Yes, a solar pool heating system does require an initial investment, but do the math and compare what it would cost if you used a conventional pool heater. You will see that the savings will provide you with an excellent return on investment and quick payback

Get the cover
What a difference it makes, as especially in your pocket. It slows the transfer of heat to the air at night and allows you to heat your pool during the day with a smaller system.

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So there you have it…….. Can you see how solar swimming pool heating

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Swimming pool heating

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