Solar window films

Solar window films

Ten Best Features of Solar Window Films

Solar window films are a great solution for homeowners who cannot afford expensive thermal windows. Their motivation is usually to reduce high electric bills, or UV light damage to their furniture, carpets, drapes and other possessions. No-one likes to live in a home that has hot sun rays beating through the windows during Summer, or to be exposed to passersby. Some homeowners simply want a more decorative look and feel to their homes. Let’s take a look at how the ten best features of solar window films offer solutions.

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  • HEALTHY – provides protection from harmful UV rays
  • MONEY SAVING –  significantly lowers energy costs
  • EASY INSTALLATION –  simple and easy to apply
  • INEXPENSIVE –  a cheap alternative to thermal windows
  • INNOVATIVE – a  solution to make your home more energy efficient
  • COMFORT –  makes your home more comfortable year round
  • PRIVACY – dark or reflective films protect your home from prying eyes
  • SAFETY – helps to control fragments should a window break
  • DECORATIVE –  can make glass look frosted, etched, or even patterned
  • PROTECTION – helps to reduce your furnishings from fading
  • LONG LASTING – most films have a lifetime warranty


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