Solar Window Films

Gila LEG361 Heat Control Residential Window Film, Light, 36-Inch by 15-Feet

  • Cuts cooling costs up to 30 Percent
  • Total solar energy rejected is 60 Percent
  • Rejects up to 91 Percent of UV
  • Rejects up to 56 Percent glare
  • Reduces fading of interior furnishings

Windows eat up energy. Gila Window Films (aka window tints) can help reduce energy loss and lower cooling costs by up to 50 percent. In addition to providing energy savings, window films and tints block annoying glare and reject UV to reduce fading and help protect interior furnishings. EZ Mount adhesive technology allows for easy window film installation and long lasting performance. Or for an easy on/easy off solution, try our Peel & Cling static cling application. Either way, you enjoy the savings year after year.

Gila films are the brand leader in DIY (do it yourself) window films. Our best in class deep dyeing, coating, and adhesive technologies have helped design higher performing, longer lasting films that are among the best in the marketplace. We manufacture and package our films at our world class manufacturing facility located in Martinsville, VA USA in order to measure and ensure tight quality and performance standards from start to finish.

HOHO Solar Grey Silver Window Tint Film One Way Vision Low Reflective Privacy Stickers Home Decoration Heat Control(100cmx300cm)

  • Anti-UV: effective blocking 99% UVA and UVB, protect the skin, prevent furniture aging, fade.
  • Insulation:Low reflection of sunlight, effective insulation 80%, reduce the indoor temperature, reduce the use of air conditioning, environmental protection and energy conservation.
  • Private: Single perspective, during the day to form a mirror reflection principle, the light side can not see the dark side of the light.
  • Shade: Efficiently reduce the direct sunlight during the day, reduce the sun glare, improve indoor visual comfort, protect the eyes.
  • Explosion-proof: To strengthen the glass to fight and anti-explosive ability, effective protection of property and family safety.


NOTE: Before you begin to install ,please check the film carefully,if you find any creases,tears or other defects,please contact us immediately for advice.Don¡¯t remove the backing sheet or attempt to fit your film if you think it is faulty.We are unable to accept returns or provide refunds if installation has been attempted.
Install Tool:A plant spray bottle and a small quantity of washing up liquid,sharpscissors,a sharp knife or blade,a tape measure and paper towels.

Fitting Instructions:
Step 1. A clean window is vital a successful installation,so keep Window or Glass clean.
Step 2. Use your spray bottle to cover the entire surface of the film with soapy water.
This allows the film to be manoeuvred into place.
Step 3. Remove the clear backing sheet from Film .Use your spray bottle to cover the entire surface of the film with soapy water.
This helps to prevent the film becoming tangled and sticking to itself.
Step 4. Pick up your film and apply to your window( Please MAKE SURE you have removed it before you apply the window film to glass).
The soapy water solution on the film and the glass will allow you to slide it into correct position.
Step 5. Use your squeegee to push out any water and air bubbles.Use your sharp blade to carefully trim the excess film at the edges,using the window frame as a guide.
Step 6. And repeat the squeegee process,using the squeegee to push any remaining moisture or bubbles to the edge of the window.Much easier than Wall Decals, it’s no problem for you!
Step 7.Finally use the paper towels to dry the window and the frame,beingcarefully not to lift the film at the edges or corners.
Enjoy your works!
Package include:1 roll window film 

Privacy Residential Heat Control One Way Mirror Film Window Film For Home Office, Brown,23.6in.By 78.7in.(60 X 200cm)

  • ONE WAY WINDOW FILM – EXCELLENT HEAT REJECTION that helps reduce cooling costs especially during the summer with effective blocking of harmful solar rays.
  • ONE WAY WINDOW FILM – PRIVACY LEVEL: Provides great intended privacy during daytime only; the mirror-effect is reversed at night since the interior will be exposed to more light than the exterior. The side with the most light will have the mirror-like appearance
  • ONE WAY WINDOW FILM – EASY INSTALLATION GUIDE to make installation DIY-friendly. Make sure window surface is completely clean and absolutely free of any blemishes.
  • ONE WAY WINDOW FILM – STRONG ADHESIVES to last many years. For easier installation, remember to use a lot of soap/water mixture to soak both the adhesive side and window
  • ONE WAY WINDOW FILM – HIGH QUALITY PERFORMANCE films that are sensitive by nature. Please remember to take caution when handling the film as the slightest fold will create a permanent wrinkle


Features of Solar Film 

1. Used in the Home, Office,Diningroom, Kitchen,Bedroom,Kindergarten

2. Strong adhesive, clean and bright, no hidden trouble.

3. 96% Anti-UV, reduce time of using air conditioner, low-carbon and energy conservation.

4. Easy to install, reuse and protect your window glass.

5.You can remove as you need .

Heat Control Window Film Instructions:

Step 1. Keep Window or Glass clean

Step 2. Wet the Window or Glass with water(Soapy water will be the best choice)

Step 3. Remove the Solar Film from backing protect sheet

Step 4. When you install it, Squeegee away water and air bubbles.

Step 5. Much easier than Wall Decals, it’s no problem for you.

Key Notice For Sun Blocking Window Film :

1> If you want to remove it, simply peel the window film from any corner. It comes off cleanly without leaving residue

2> When not in use, the film must be replaced and stored on the original backing paper. The side of the film that touched the glass should face the glossy side of the backing paper

3> Our film does not apply to carved, over frosted or irregular glass 

Clear UV Protection Window Film 30″ Wide x 6.5 ft. Roll

  • Maximum UV Protection Without the Tint.
  • Clear appearance.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Width: 30 in and Length: 6.5 ft
  • Orders placed for multiple quantities of the same film will ship as one continuous roll up to 100 ft


Maximum UV Protection Without the Tint.
Virtually clear appearance.
Scratch resistant.

UV Protection Film helps to protect against harmful UV rays by blocking up to 98%.

UV Protection Film can help to filter out one of the sources of fading; however due to the virtually clear appearance, it does not offer protection against the other causes of fading. UV Protection Film will reduce the amount of harmful UV rays that enter through a window, while also offering a thin layer of protection against broken glass.

UV Protection Film will not completely protect against fading, as there are four (4) main causes of fading, which include; UV Rays, Visible Sunlight, Solar Heat (including infrared light), and Miscellaneous (including chemical vapors, age of fabric, dye fastness, wear and tear).

The UV Protection Film is compatible with standard clear residential windows, including single-pane, dual-pane, and removable storm windows.

Width: 30 in
Length: 6.5 ft

Packaging: Sold in one continuous roll.

Note: Do not apply Window Film on plastic or plexiglas surfaces, motor vehicle windows, frosted, etched, leaded, cracked, holed, deeply scratched glass or glass that is very old (over forty years) 

Adhesive-free Peel & Stick Static Cling No Glue One Way Mirror Daytime Privacy and Solar Control Window Glass Film, Sun Blocker, 19.7 Inches by 78.7 Inches per Roll, Black Grey

  • SAVING ENERGY COSTS – Eliminating excessive heat and controlling excessive cold are equal to lowering cooling and heating costs year round.
  • PROTECTING YOUR FURNISHINGS – Keep furniture, walls, art, flooring and window treatments looking like new by blocking UV rays.
  • REDUCING GLARE – Cut down on eyestrain and discomfort from excessive light. Enjoy natural light while reading or watching TV – without suffering from eyestrain caused by glare. Seeing clearly will improve your efficiency when working or playing on a laptop, computer or other mobile devices.
  • IMPROVING PRIVACY, SAFETY AND SECURITY – From break-and-enter crimes to accidents, Mondora Garden Window Films work invisibly to help keep hangers out. Get an added layer of protection while preserving the appearance of your home and window with Mondora Garden Window Films.
  • INCREASING INDOOR COMFORT – Enjoy any time of day with the help of solar film’s enhanced indoor climate control. Ideal for home buildings including common residence, apartment, villa, etc. and commercial buildings including office buildings, warehouses, convenience stores, ‘big box’ stores, shopping malls, etc.


Our Privacy Solar Control Window Film is not only one-way mirrored, which means anyone outside cannot see inside during the daytime but can see inside at night as it looks more mirror like than see-through glass, but also tinted, which means it is not transparent but with color and its privacy lies with light density. When you enhance your windows with our glass films, you can live more comfortably without changing your view. Whether you want to help even out the temperature in your home, protect furniture from fading, lower your energy costs or guard against break-in attempts, you can trust our window films.

Package Included:
1 roll of 17.7-inch by 78.7-inch window film
1 copy of detailed graphics context instruction sheet

Installation Steps:
Step 1 – Measure glass and cut film to size (generally, allowing about 1″ more room when cutting the films for final trim is recommended.
Step 2 – Clean glass, especially the corners which accumulate dust, or the set of film will be influenced.
Step 3 – Wet glass, spray as much water as possible on glass for perfect application result, the wetter, the better.
Step 4 – Peel off clear plastic backing from the film
Step 5 – Apply film to wet window.
Step 6 – Spray water on the applied film.
Step 7 – Apply the backing to the film, squeegee away water and air bubbles, and remove the backing so that the film will not be easily scratched.
Step 8 – Clean with a rag and perform final trim.

Tips for Customers:
This product is better applied to interior flat smooth glass surfaces for longer service life.
If you want to remove it, simply peel the window film from any corner. It comes off cleanly without leaving residue. When not in use, the film must be well placed and stored.

* This product is not intended for nighttime privacy. 

BDF HNC35 Window Film Premium Heat Control and Energy Saving, Chrome (Medium) – 36in X 7ft

Buy Decorative Film’s Premium Heat Control and Energy Saving Window Films are more effective in rejecting heat than most films. Since these films are sputtered and contain no dye, they boast great efficiency in that they will not fade throughout their use.

The alloy of nickel and chromium contained in the these window films provide a great barrier against solar energy by capturing and dispersing heat throughout the surface it is applied to. These window films are ideal for home/office windows that receive a great amount of sunlight. Available in Dark, Medium, and Very Light, this series is excellent for blocking heat from the sun and providing an effective sun control. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to ("" (,, or