Solar Tubes – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Solar Tubes

Solar Tubes – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.


Solar Tubes are a wonderful green improvement to any home, office or building that requires light in dark places. Even though these clever inventions have been around for almost three decades, they are still new to many who are more familiar with traditional skylights.  Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers to help understand Solar Tubes better.

Why should I install Solar Tubes versus traditional skylights?
The short answer is that Solar Tubes are far less expensive to purchase and install. This is because they are designed as compact self contained units, specially engineered to deliver precise light to specific interior spaces of a home, office or building, without involving expensive remodeling and construction.

What are the maximum lengths for Solar Tubes?
15 feet is the maximum length that a Solar Tube should be to deliver required light effectively.

How hard is it to seal Solar Tubes against roof leaks?
Because Solar Tubes are seamless single units, they are easy to flash under shingles, and as a result have a high reputation for being leak free.

Solar Tubes

How do Solar Tubes handle UV?
Unlike traditional skylights, Solar Tubes filter out all UV light, thereby protecting furniture, carpeting and other household finishes down below.

What do I need for installation?
Solar Tubes are supplied with full step by step instruction manuals, plus all the necessary parts to ensure a successful and easy installation. The basic tools required include a jigsaw, a drill and a few basic hand tools. For many brands, the average installation time is about 2 hours and some suppliers even provide help via phone.

When are the best times to install Solar Tubes?
Solar Tubes can be easily incorporated when renovating or re-roofing a house, or constructing a new house. However, they need to be installed after all building work has been completed. The roof must be fully constructed as Solar Tubes attach to finished ceilings for proper alignment of the sunlight.

Do Solar Tubes cause energy to be lost?
All Solar Tubes contain a sealed-in area of dead air, which acts as an insulation barrier between conditioned interior air and exterior air. This results in indoor conditioned temperatures remaining unaffected during Summer and Winter seasons.

Can Solar Tubes cause condensation?
There is a possibility of acquiring some temporary Solar Tube dome moisture during sharp temperature drops.  However, the moisture quickly disappears when temperatures rise. With regards to the pipe, it includes a weep mechanism to release any moisture that could form.  There is no condensation problem under normal weather conditions, and the tube does not need to insulated.

Will the Solar Tubes work on cloudy days?

The Solar Tubes are able to work on cloudy days due the fact that they are fitted with sophisticated illumination optic technologies, as well as well-designed diffusers. Consequently, maximum incoming light from any direction is captured and then delivered at its best illumination level down into the home or building.

How long can the Solar Tubes be?
Generally, the standard length for a Solar Tube is 6 feet, with successful installation lengths of up to 15 feet having been achieved, depending on the requirement and the model in question.

Can I install Solar Tubes if I have a cathedral ceiling?

Some manufacturers supply Solar Tubes that are specially designed for cathedral ceilings and offer special flashings to facilitate successful installations.

 Solar Tubes

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