Solar Powered Attic Fan – 15 Best Features And More

Solar Powered Fan
Solar Powered Fan

Solar Powered Attic Fan – 15 Best Features And More

  • UTILITY COST SAVINGS – A Solar Powered Fan can reduce the cost of the biggest electrical load of a home, the air-conditioner.
  • COOLER SUMMER HOME – A cool attic means a cooler and more comfortable home during hot summers.
  • DRY WINTER ATTIC – During winter, a Solar Powered Fan prevents condensation from forming and then dripping onto and damaging attic insulation.
  • ICE DAM PREVENTION – A warm attic causes snow to melt and form damaging ice dams on the roof. A cool attic prevents this from happening.
  • GOOD VALUE – As electrical utility costs increase, a Solar Powered Fan’s value increases.

Solar Powered Fan

  • SOUND INVESTMENT – Due to its relatively low cost, in the right circumstances a Solar Powered Fan can provide and excellent return on investment.
  • HIGH APPROVAL – Solar Powered Fans are rated highly in most consumer reports.
  • LONG LIFE – Provided that a good quality brand is purchased, a Solar Powered Fan will have a lifespan well in excess of 10 years.
  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY – Modern Solar Powered Fan make good use of recent advancements in photovoltaic technologies.
  • QUIET – I have yet to hear a Solar Powered Fan in operation while standing inside a home.
  • ADAPTIVE – A Solar Powered Fan adjusts its speed according to the heat of the sun and the temperature of an attic.
  • AUTOMATION – A thermostatically controlled Solar Powered Fan will switch itself off and at preset temperatures.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUPPORT – A Solar Powered Fan will reduce a home’s, energy use, cost and carbon footprint. You win and our planet wins.
  • LONG LIMITED WARRANTIES – Solar Powered Fans carry long warranties up to 25 years.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT – Most manufacturers ensure that their products are wind, rain and hail resistant.

Solar Powered Fan

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