What Makes a Solar Powered Attic Fan Green?

Solar Powered Attic Fan
Solar Powered Attic Fan

What Makes a Solar Powered Attic Fan Green?


Most homes have the air-conditioning ducts running in the attic. In warm climates, this is a problem because attics can reach temperatures as high as 140 degrees and higher, and when that happens, the cold air in the air ducts gets reheated, making the air-conditioner work extra hard to keep the home cool.

Heat is also transferred through the ceiling into the home, which is detected the thermostat detects and sends a signal to the air conditioner to work even harder.

Solar Powered Attic Fan

All of this results in additional and costly energy use, which has to be supplied by power stations, which contributes further to climate change.

Electrically powered attic fans attempt to reduce the heat in attics; however, they also use electricity and are only activated when an attic is already hot, which is too late. In contrast, solar attic fans use zero energy and slowly begin cooling the attic the moment the sun hits their solar panels, and turn faster as the sun gets hotter.

The result is a cooler attic, lower energy use and costs, an air-conditioner that works and has to be maintained less, and the environment is spared the additional depletion of natural resources and increased pollution.

Solar Powered Attic Fan

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