Solar Fan For Attics – FAQ

Solar Fan
Solar Fan


Solar Fan For Attics – FAQ

  • How should a Solar Fan be installed and how long should it take?  Here are full installation instructions which should take no more than an hour to complete.

Solar Fan

  • Is a tax credit available for Solar Fans? Although some manufacturers swear that a 30% tax credit is allowable, it is debated by many. As I am not an accountant, I cannot weigh in on this so it would be best for you to get an opinion from your accountant after bringing to his attention this data base of Federal and State energy tax credits and incentives.
  • Who should install a Solar Fan? The best professionals to install a solar fan are licensed solar or roofing contractors.
  • Is any electrical wiring needed to install a Solar Fan ? Solar fans stand alone and don’t need any expensive electrician involvement.
  • What about my Whirlybirds, don’t they work just as well? Solar Fans work whether the wind is blowing or not. Not so with Whirly birds, which also move less air and at rates that don’t necessarily support the need. Solar fans adjust their performance according to the intensity of the sun and, therefore, the need.
  • What happens when it is cloudy? In order to be successful, Solar Fan manufacturers make use of solar panel technologies that can produce DC electricity in low light conditions albeit less when it is cloudy and more when it is sunny. This is the beauty of these products; they work hard when they have to and less when they don’t.
  • What happens when it’s not necessary to cool the attic? Most Solar Fans include a thermal of switch which activates and switches the fan off when it is cold.

Solar Fan

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