Lets first review the best features of Solar Tube Skylights.

EASY-TO-INSTALL – installs in under 2 hours; no dry wall, no paint, no mess. Less expensive to install than conventional skylights.
HIGH –IMPACT ACRYLIC DOME – Solar Tube Skylights have a water tight; bug and dust-proof sealing system.
SILVER-COATED LIGHT PIPE – Solar Tubes are 95% reflective and emit more light per given area than other skylights.
MULTIPLE SIZES AND OUTPUTS – 10″, 13″, 18″, 21″ with outputs of 300, 500, 1000, and 1,450 watts.

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Solar Tube Skylights

Now lets review these three Solar Tube Skylights …

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Model number
14x14x 48
15 lbs
15 lbs
18 lbs
25 years
10 years
5 years
10 inch
14 inch
10 inch
300W Illumination area
150 SF

175 SF
150 SF
Energy Star
Pipe length
2 feet
8 feet
4 feet
Fire Classifications
A,B or C
A,B or C
A,B or C
Adjustable tubes

How do Solar Tube Skylights work?

Solar Tubes, also known as tube skylights, or sun tubes, are lighting devices used to make spot improvements to the quality of light anywhere in a home, office or commercial building. The Skylights are installed on the roof of a building. Sunlight is captured by high tech optics using advance lens systems and prism like arch fixtures reflected through a series of mirrors down a long tube and subsequently spread evenly into the room where light is needed.

The dome is made of acrylic and is durable against nature’s impacts. The whole system requires no wiring or switches. Solar Tube Skylights are designed to eliminate damaging UV light, and are designed to work in cloudy, low light winter conditions.

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What makes Solar Tube Skylights Green?

Two popular reasons why solar tube skylights are green have to do with energy and occupant comfort.

Instead of using electricity that is made by the burning of fossil fuels, solar tube skylight harness free and endless energy from the sun.

According to studies by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and also the Florida Solar Energy Center, solar tube skylights have psychological and physiological benefits. They lift building occupant moods, reduce headaches and eye fatigue, and synthesize Vitamin D.

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Solar Tube Skylights

Lets dig deeper with FAQs for Solar Tube Skylights.

Why should I install a Solar Tube Skylight versus a traditional skylight?
There is a cost benefit to installing a Solar Tube over a traditional skylight. The former does not involve any construction or remodeling. Various models of Solar Tubes are available; each designed to effectively light up unique areas of different sizes.

Are Solar Tube Skylights easy to seal against roof leakages?
The fact that they are seamless, one piece units, and are installed and individually flashed under roof shingles, eliminates any concerns about leaking.

What is the maximum length of the tube?
Model dependent, Solar Tubes usually come in 10-15 foot lengths.

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Tips and Tricks for Solar Tube Skylights.

When it comes to locating the dome, common sense prevails. Choose a spot on the roof that is in direct sunlight, facing the South West side of the home or building if possible. The idea is to get maximum sunlight on the dome of the Solar Tubes. Also make sure that there are no chimneys, trees or adjacent walls or roof obstructing the path of sunlight.

There are some limitations with regards to installing the Solar Tubes. It is not possible to install them on multistoried buildings except to install them on the roof top of a second floor. They are also not suitable for basements and cannot be installed through sidewalls, except in some cases where there is an existing closet or chase that can be used.

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So there you have it…….. Can you see how Solar Tube Skylights can make the world a little greener? If so, I hope that you will choose one of these

Solar Tube Skylights

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