Best Features of a Solar Tube Skylight

Solar Tube Skylight

Best Features of a Solar Tube Skylight

Skylights have historically had a bad reputation with complicated installation, water leaking and high costs being the usual images that have come to mind for most homeowners. Although first developed thousands of years ago by the Egyptians, the modern Solar Tube Skylight was first patented and marketed in the 1950s. Since then every aspect of it has been subjected to advanced engineering, resulting in it becoming a very functional and successful green home improvement.

Her are some of the main features of a Solar Tube Skylight:

EASY-TO-INSTALL – Unlike a conventional skylight which is difficult to install, a Solar Tube Skylight is easy.

INEXPENSIVE – Compared to the alternative, a Solar Tube Skylight is much less expensive to buy and install.

PROTECTIV ENGINERING – The acrylic  dome has been designed allow light in and water, bugs and dust out.

HIGH TECH PIPE DESIGN –  The silver coated light pipe is an unprecedented 95% reflective. 

Solar Tube Skylights

MULTIPLE SIZES AND OUTPUTS – 10″, 13″, 18″, 21″ with outputs of 300, 500, 1000, and 1,450 watts.

UNIQUE CONDENSATION RELEASE SYSTEM – Solar Tube Skylights Keep moisture outside where it belongs.

FREE-LIGHT – Once purchased and installed, a Skylight provides light at no cost to you ever.

IMPROVES INDOOR LIGHT QUALITY – All natural lighting from the sun without heat gain or loss, nor damaging UV.

LIGHT QUALITY OPTIONS – A Solar Tube Skylight offers multiple diffuser styles for varying light options.

FULLY WARRANTED – Most Solar Tube Skylights carry a 25-year product warranty.

LOW-PROFILE DESIGN – A Solar Tube Skylight will easily blends into the roof line of your home.

ECO-FRIENDLY – A Skylight can reduce your electricity usage and energy demand, resulting in fewer power plant greenhouse gas emissions.

CERTIFIED – By Energy Star and NFRC.

TAX CREDITS – Check with your accountant for tax credits that you could qualify for.

NO ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS – A Solar Tube Skylight require no wiring or switches to operate, thereby saving you on electricity bills.

HEALTH BENEFITS– The natural light provided by a Skylight reduces headaches and eye fatigue while also lifting moods and helping in Vitamin D production.

LESS HEAT A Solar Tube Skylight Produces 68% less heat compared to an average light bulb.

Solar Tube Skylight

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