Skylight Tube Tips and Tricks.

Skylight tube

Skylight Tube Tips and Tricks.

Locate appropriately.
Make a good choice of location for placement of the Solar Tubes by considering the area of the house that is directly opposite to the southwest. The idea is to get maximum sunlight on the dome of the Solar Tubes.

Avoid shading
Make sure that there are no chimneys, trees or adjacent walls or roof obstructing the path of sunlight.

Watch for limitations.
A tube skylight tube path that is as direct as possible works best. Once you have to start snaking the path, your chances of success will diminish. Delivering light from the roof of a two-story building down to the first floor or basement is complicated at best. Consulting an expert for such a project is absolutely necessary. 

Get the right size skylight tube.
Solar Tubes are available in different sizes. The following guidelines suggest the best options for size of the solar device and various in your house:

Tube size Room size Area/Location
10 inches < 150  SF Bathrooms, Hallways, Walk-in Closets, Pantries, Laundry.
14 inches 150 -250  SF Kitchens, Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Foyers, Garages
18 inches 250 – 500  SF Rooms with vaulted ceilings, Family Rooms, Living Rooms
21 inches 500 – 700  SF Commercial Flat Roof Application only


Don’t be in the dark at night.
Skylight tubes also come fitted with internal LED rim lights. They use very little electricity and can provide good lighting from the same fixture during the night, or when it is cloudy outside. Go for one with a dimmer switch for maximum effect.

Double up with ventilation.
Moisture control is very important for green home living. So why not consider skylight tubes that are designed to include a ventilation system. This is a great idea for areas where you need to reduce humidity, like bathrooms or kitchens.

Outdoor LED Lights

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