Saltless Water Softener – How does it work?

Saltless Water Softener

Saltless Water Softener How does it work?

A Saltless Water Softener treats the water by inducing magnetic and electric fields within a continuously changing frequency.

This forces the dissolved minerals in the water, such as calcium and magnesium to crystallize before the ions settle to form scale on the walls of piping and in all water appliances.

Saltless Water Softener

This action stops any further build up of hard scale by preventing the settlement of dissolved mineral ions on whatever surface.

The capability of water to dissolve minerals will also be increased while existing hard scale layers will be softened and slowly wash down the drain.

A Saltless Water Softener does not remove the beneficial calcium and magnesium minerals from the water. Instead, it simply changes the properties of the hardness minerals so that they stay in solution without forming scale.

A Saltless Water Softener is green because it can lower water, sewer and power bills, stops the damaging effects of salt and brine to the environment, increases the efficiency and life of water appliances and reduces the need and use of cleaning chemicals.

Saltless Water Softener

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