First, let’s first review the best features of a Salt Free Water Softener ….

ELIMINATES SCALE – extends the life of all plumbing fixtures.
NO MORE SCUM AND STAINS – sinks, basins and toilets appear clean.
MAINTAINS ESSENTIAL MINERALS – softens water without removing or adding any minerals.

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Salt Free Water Softener

Now lets review these three Salt Free Water Softeners:

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CW 125
Small Wonder
2.6 lbs
1.4 lbs
0.80 lbs
4 X14X12
110 V
110 V
4.2 of 5
4.0 of 5
4.1 of 5
90 Day M/back
Life time repair
360Day M/back
Life time repair
120 Day M/back
10 year replace

How does a Salt Free Water Softener work?

A Salt Free Water Softener treats the water by inducing magnetic and electric fields within a continuously changing frequency. This forces the dissolved minerals in the water, such as calcium and magnesium to crystallize before the ions settle to form scale on the walls of piping and in all water appliances.
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Salt Free Water Softener

What makes a Salt Free Water Softener green?

Traditional soft water makers are a popular appliance in standard homes. However, not only are they expensive and bulky, but they also use an ancient ion exchange process to regenerate themselves. This process requires the purchase and use of large quantities of salt and water (50 – 100 gallons per cycle) and the flushing out of a brine. This increases sewer costs and is also harmful to the environment and people who are on salt-restricted diets.

Eliminating the use of salt and instead, using an ultrasonic system, a salt free water softener is designed to eliminate lime scale without causing damage to the environment.

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Lets dig deeper with a Salt Free Water Softener FAQs

How much does it cost to run?
In 2012, Salt Free Water Softeners cost about a dollar per month to run.
Where must it be installed?
A Salt Free Water Softener should be installed in a protected location at the incoming water pipe to the house. This will insure that all of the water in the home is treated.
What types of water pipes will it work on?
A Salt Free Water Softener will work on copper, plastic, steel and galvanized steel, PVC, CPVC, PEX, rubber and lead pipes.

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Tips and Tricks for Salt Free Water Softeners.

Switch off when not needed.
Switch the Salt Free Water Softener off when leaving home for extended periods of time because leaving it on serves no purpose.
Dont delay.
Get your Salt Free Water Softener before the traditional salt based water softeners become outlawed due to the damage that their maintenance does to the environment and prices rise.
Consider doing a combo.
If you still want to use your existing salt based water softener, then install a Salt Free Water Softener at the water inlet.  This will extend its life and reduce the amount regeneration cycles and salt and water used.
Protect your water filtering system.
Install an Salt Free Water Softener before a reverse osmosis or alternate water filter system to increase its performance and extend its life.

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So there you have it…….. Can you see how an  Salt Free Water Softeners will make the world a little greener? If so, I hope that you will choose one of these

Salt Free Water Softener

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