Hot Water Recirculating Pump Tips and Tricks

Recirculating Pump

Hot Water Recirculating Pump Tips and Tricks

Check your mounting location before buying.
Fortunately selecting the right Hot water recirculating pump is pretty easy.  The first consideration is where you want to mount it.  Some pumps mount on your water heater and others mount under a sink.

Consider the bypass valve.
Those that mount under the sink typically have a built in bypass valve.  For those that mount on your water heater, the bypass valve is separate and will need to be installed under a sink.

Recirculating Pump

Check for an outlet.
The other thing to think about is that you will need to plug the pump into a standard electrical outlet.  You might not have ready access to an electrical outlet under a sink, and so you might need to hire an electrician.

Find the furthest water outlet.
Regardless of the where you mount the Hot water recirculating pump, you will have to install a bypass valve under the sink that is furthest from your water heater.  You will have to do some investigative work to determine which tap or shower is furthest from your water heater.

Start with the faucet that you think is the furthest from the water heater.  Turn on the hot water and time how long it takes for the hot water to reach the faucet.  Now go to the other faucets in your home and turn on the hot water.

If hot water arrives at the faucet almost instantly, then you know that faucet is closer to the water heater.   If it takes several seconds for the hot water to arrive then it is likely that this faucet is further from the water heater than the first one.

Once you think you have identified the furthest faucet, let the water in the pipes cool down, and repeat the process to confirm you found the right faucet.  With a little bit of effort, you should be able to identify the faucet that is furthest from the water heater which is where the bypass valve should be installed.

Program the timer correctly.
If the hot water recirculating pump you selected operates on a timer, you will need to program the times that you want the pump to run.  The pump timer turns the pump on when it is needed rather than letting it run all day when no hot water is needed.  Think about how you typically use hot water in your house.  For example, when do people in the house typically take showers?

Once you have identified your usage patterns you can set the timer.  Be sure to program the pump to start a little before and to stop a little bit after the times you need hot water.  That way hot water will already be there when you need it.    Depending on where you install the pump, you might want to set the timer on the pump before you install it because it will be easier to get to.

Hopefully the above tips and tricks will help you to install and make the most of your hot water recirculating pump.

Recirculating Pump

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