Radiant barrier – Review preview

Radiant barrier – Review preview

Radiant barrier

Radiant barrier is a popular green material used to reduce the cost of energy in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

 Radiant barrier has the properties of being highly reflective and the inability to retain heat, which is called low emissivity. It usually consists of a thin shiny material that looks just like aluminum foil and is installed directly below a roof, while allowing an air space above and below.

 Once a radiant barrier has been correctly installed, solar heat that radiates down from the roof is easily reflected back to the roof, and because no heat is retained by the barrier, there is no residual heat left to radiant further down into the attic or building interior.

 Working in conjunction with attic ventilation, the result is that the spaces below the roof, and indeed the entire interior of the building, is protected from radiant solar heat so that cooler temperatures are maintained.

Finally, a cooler interior means that air conditioning equipment has to work much less to maintain comfort. That means lower energy costs as well as less maintenance and the less frequent replacement of air conditioning equipment.

 A radiant barrier is also a popular green retrofit to existing homes because of its low cost and uncomplicated installation procedure. This one of those perfect green upgrades for weekend warriors, however, unless spending time in a sauna is your thing, don’t try it in summer.

I am looking forward to reviewing radiants, buttoning down their best features, how it works, what makes them green, and then providing FAQs and tips and tricks to give my readers a full understanding of this green living product. So, please come back soon and in the meantime, check out my other Living Green Reviews and please remember to visit and support my green store, so that you can also Switch it Green, Switch it Forward.

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