Lets first take a look at the best features of a Programmable Thermostat

ENERGY SAVINGS – set points to suit time of the day, occupancy, sleep time, and weather.
SETTINGS LOCK – so that set points can’t be be changed.
VACATION SETTINGS – save even more energy costs while on vacation.
EASY TO READ – digital backlight touch screen display.

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Now lets review these three Programmable Thermostat models

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Model number
6.6 x 6.5 x 3.2
8.5 x 0.8 x 3.2
5.5 x 3.2 x 1
1.6 lbs
1.3 lbs
1.5 lbs
Shipping Weight
1.6 lbs
1.4 lbs
1.8 lbs
2 years
3 years
Battery reuired
Built in
Color screen
US or import
Touch screen
Easy set up
Daylight saving
Outside conditions
Date and time
7 Day programming
Fan control

How does a Programmable Thermostat work?

A Programmable Thermostat is used to set temperatures accurately to minimize the energy consumption of the heating and cooling systems in a home. A thermistor or a resistor inside the Programmable Thermostat measures the room temperature. Any change in the ambient temperature causes a change in the resistance of the metals present in the thermistor. A microcontroller within the Programmable Thermostat converts the resistance changes into a digital temperature reading which is displayed on a screen.

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What makes a Programmable Thermostat green? 

A product is considered green if it has characteristics that protect the environment. Human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, oil and gas extraction, and hydroelectric power generation, damages our environment.
All electrical goods and lighting systems in homes consume electricity which is produced from burning fossil fuels such as coal. This burning activity releases greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. These gases when released in the atmosphere trap heat, resulting in a warming of the planet.  This in turn, destroys the natural environment for plant and animal species. The less we as humans burn fossil fuels, the better it is for our environment. Moreover, the burning of coal also results in releases of mercury which is considered to be very toxic to all biological species, including human beings.

A Programmable Thermostat is green due to its ability to conserve energy which in turn reduces electricity consumption and the burning of fossil fuels while at the same time allowing homeowners to save money.

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Programmable Thermostat

Let’s dig deeper with Programmable Thermostat FAQs …

How do I know which model to buy?
1. Get a model that is well suited to your heating and cooling systems in the house.
2. Select a model that has several day program options such as:
7-Day – A very useful option for people who have busy schedules, allowing the setting of multiple individual daily programs.
5-1-1-Day – A good option for homeowners who need multiple individual programs for weekdays and separate programs for Saturdays and Sundays.
5-2-Day – Permits separate programming for weekdays and weekends.
1 Week – Multiple weekly programs.
Do I need an electrician to install my Programmable Thermostat?

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Programmable Thermostat Tips and Tricks

To achieve the best energy savings with a Programmable Thermostat, it is advisable to set it at lower or higher temperatures for long periods of time, like 6-8 eight hours during sleep time or for an even longer period during the day time when no one is at home.

An area can be temporarily made warmer or cooler by manually overriding but still keeping the pre-set program intact. You can program up to two types of override features: 1. hold/permanent/vacation and 2. Temporary. The override will not be carried forward to the next program period.

Do not consistently override the pre-programmed settings if you want to reduce energy bills.
It is not advisable to use the hold/permanent/vacation feature to manage everyday settings. When you are going to be away for a longer period, use the hold or vacation features to keep the home at constant  lower of higher temperatures, depending on weather conditions.

Do not leave the hold/permanent/vacation feature at the comfort setting as this will waste energy and money when you are not present in the home.

Take care to install thermostat unit on an interior wall without being close in proximity to heating or cooling vents and other sources of heat or drafts such as doorways, windows, skylights, direct sunlight or bright lamps.

Instead of using just one thermostat to control all the areas in the house, you will need to use a Programmable Thermostat for each multiple heating or cooling zone to achieve maximum ease, comfort and energy savings for the whole house.

Batteries must be changed regularly to ensure the effective operation of a Programmable Thermostat.

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So there you have it….. Can you see how a Programmable Thermostat can  make the world a little greener? If so, I hope that you will choose one of the below models or visit my Programmable Thermostat Store to see the full range.

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