10 things that make a Pool Salt System green.

Pool Salt System

10 things that make a Pool Salt System green.

Durable – A pool salt system has no moving parts, which means very little goes wrong.

Reduces material use– Saves all the chlorine that would otherwise be used.

Recyclable and reusable– the same salt get recycled many times.

Cost saving – no more purchasing expensive chlorine

Pool Salt System

Energy conserving– A pool salt system eliminates the cost of transporting chlorine.

Reduces manufacturing impacts– Fewer chlorine containers are manufactured and purchased.

Reduces impact on landfills – Fewer chlorine containers are sent to the landfills.

Reduces operational pollution or waste– A pool salt system eliminates the spilling of chlorine

Avoids hazardous ingredients – Eliminates spilled chlorine harming humans and pets.

Improves air quality– Ever spent time next to a pool that has just received a dose of chlorine?

Health benefits – no more irritated eyes, skin and damaged hair, from chlorine compounds.

Pool Salt System

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