Best Features of Outdoor LED Lights

Outdoor LED Lights

Best Features of Outdoor LED Lights

Outdoor LED lights have become very popular with security minded people who also want to support a greener lifestyle. Below are some of the most popular reasons why. If you know of any additional benefits of using outdoor LED lights, please let me know so that I can add it to this list.

RELIABLE – instantly comes on when you need it

PEST REDUCING – most insects are not attracted

VISIUAL QUALITY – always bright and crisp with high color rendering

VERSATILE – can be directed where needed

ENERGY EFFICIENT – 90% better than incandescent

SAVINGS – enjoy a smaller electric bill

Outdoor LED Lights

NO MAINTENANCE – bulbs can last as long as a decade

FLEXIBLE –  many installation options

STANDARD CONNECTIONS –  uses standard house wiring

OUTDOOR FRIENDLY – weather and corrosion resistant

RUGGED – nothing to break or replace

TEMPERATURE RESISTANT – works in extreme cold or heat

EASY INSTALL – connects to standard junction boxes

ECO-FRIENDLY – no mercury or hazardous substances

AUTOMATABLE – photocell activation ready

SECURITY – very bright burglar deterrent

NEIGHBOR FRIENDLY – light visors for custom shading

AFFORDABLE –  low long term cost of ownership

Outdoor LED Lights

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