On Demand Hot Water Heater Tips and Tricks.

On demand hot water heater

On Demand Hot Water Heater Tips and Tricks.

Make sure that your choice of heater(s) will meet your demand.
You must calculate your home’s potential maximum demand for hot water and make sure that it can be met by the on demand hot water heater that you intend buying. If the demand is too great, then you must consider installing more than one heater to run in tandem. Alternatively you should consider dedicated heaters to satisfy individual hot water hungry appliances or parts of your home.

Each on demand hot water heater has a published flow rating. The rate should be able to include maximum  individual appliance flow estimations, such as the following:  Showerheads – up to 4 gallons per minute, Clothes washers – up to 2 gallons per minute, and Dishwashers – up to 2.25 gallons per minute, Regular faucets – up to 2.5 gallons per minute and finally, Bath faucets – up to 4 gallons per minute.

Don’t make a mistake and then have to stand in line for hot water or have to take a cold shower.

On Demand Water Heater

Improve water efficiency first.
Water conservation is an easy weekend warrior project. Before you do the above mentioned hot water demand calculations, complete your water efficiency project. This includes swapping out your showerheads for low-flow models, adding aerators to faucets, and investing in water efficient dish and clothes washers. These measures could result in a significant water load and as a result having to purchase a smaller and less expensive water heater.

Consider pre-heating your water supply.
The above-mentioned water rate calculation is also affected by the incoming water temperature. If it is very low, then your on-demand water heater is going to have to work much harder to satisfy the required flow of water at the desired temperature. You can help matters by raising the temperature of the incoming cold water supply. This can be done by insulating the water pipe or preheating it with a small solar water heater.

 Check if natural gas is available to your home.
If there is no natural gas supply to your home, then you need to purchase an on demand hot water heater that is designed to use propane gas. This is a critical decision that you must make before ordering.

 Take appropriate ventilation into consideration.
Your heater will need sufficient combustion space to function properly, and it will need to exhaust post-combustion fumes to the outside. Make sure that you have the space and a way to allow a vent pipe to reach the outdoors.

 Think twice about adding this project to your weekend-warrior to-do list.
Gas is dangerous, flammable and toxic. Making a mistake in the way that you install a tankless heater could cost you your life. This is the time to hang up the tool belt and tools that you received for Xmas and call a licensed contractor that is qualified to do the installation and connect the gas.

Take precautions against freezes.
You cannot allow the incoming water supply to freeze in the pipes, and this will cause all kinds of problems and damage to your on demand hot water heater. If you live in a climate that is so cold that this could happen, then you must insulate and heat-trace the cold water supply line.

Heat-tracing consists of electrical heater element wiring around the piping.

 Watch out for scale and lime.
The quality of your water supply will dictate the amount of scale and lime that can build up inside your n demand hot water heater. Any amount of it reduces the efficiency and the unit’s proper operation. To prevent this, flush the system out routinely depending on the water quality.

 Check the filter.
There is a filter that arrests debris entering the system. This filter must regularly be checked and cleaned if necessary. Once again, incoming water quality will dictate how often this maintenance task needs to be carried out. Never the less, it must be checked.

Hot Water on Demand

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