What makes a no-salt water softener green?

no salt water softener

What makes a no-salt water softener green?

We have all noticed the white stains on showerheads, faucets, shower stalls, sinks, and basins. This is caused by calcium and magnesium in water that precipitates and then sticks together to form lime scale.

The stains that we notice are only a small part of the problem. What we don’t see is the scale that builds up inside our water appliances, which makes them work inefficiently, and also shortening their lifespan. One can easily see this when looking at the inside of a kettle.

The result: more electricity production, more carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, more repairs, and more costs. There is nothing green about this.

Traditionally the scale problem has been addressed by the use of expensive soft water makers. These appliances use large amounts of salt and chemicals which periodically have to be flushed out and replaced.

The results is a toxic brine that is often discharged into the environment, thereby damaging it.

A no-salt water softener is designed to overcome the above problems and is green for the below reasons:

no salt water softener

DURABILITY ENHANCER –  Extends the life of water appliances, fixtures and piping.

IMPROVES EFFICIENCY – By freeing hot water appliances and pipes of scale restrictions.

 – Eliminates scum in sinks, basins and toilets.

SAVES MONEY –  Electric bills are reduced as is the cost of cleaning materials.

PROTECTS WATER INTEGRITY – Softens water without removing any essential minerals.

INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY – People waste less time waiting for hot water.

REDUCES DISCOMFORT – Eliminates itchy skin associated with showering in hard water.

ELIMINATES MAINTENANCE – Recharging the system with salt is not required.

PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT – No salty brine is ever created or discharged.

REDUCES ACQUISITION COSTS – More than 1000% less expensive than traditional water softeners.

ENHANCES USAGE – Windows and glassware clean clear without unsightly spots and streaks.

IMPROVES COMFORT – Makes skin and hair feel soft.

ECO-FRIENDLY – Reduces the release of cleaning detergents into sewers.

ENERGYSAVINGS – Uses only pennies of electricity per day.

UNIVERSAL – Can function with all types of water piping and appliances.

ENHANCES CLEAN WATER – Reverse osmosis water filters are protected against scale.

no salt water softener

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