Ten Best features of a Mini Split System

Mini Split System

Ten Best features of a Mini Split System

DUCTLESS – not dependent on existing or new duct work.
MONEY SAVING – condition only the rooms that are being used.
PERFECT FOR RETROFITS – add a system to any home layout.
ENERGY SAVING – no temperatures lost in attic ducting.
ECONOMICAL – uses less energy to produce better results than a ducted system.
RELIABLE – heating or cooling when you need it.
REMOTE CONTROLLED – easy to operate.
EASY INSTALLATION – easy enough even for weekend warriors.
HEALTHEIR – clean flameless system without combustion gasses.
SAFER – runs on electricity, not gas.
COMFORT – frequent cycling results in constant temperatures.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – no burning of fossil fuels.
EXPANDABLE – easy to add modules for additional zones.
ENHANCEMENT RECEPTIVE – add air purification and dehumidification equipment.
FLEXIBLE MOUNTING OPTIONS – only requires a 3 inch hole through an exterior wall.
BETTER SECURITY – no large holes created in walls or windows for burglars to gain access.

Mini Split System

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