Low flow toilets – Review preview

Low flow toilets – Review preview

Low flow toilet

Low flow toilets are the solution to one of the biggest domestic water wasters that contributes to the high cost of home ownership and damage to the environment.

Standard home toilets rely on old siphon-flush technology dating back to the mid 1800s to flush waste down the sewer. Required for this system is as much as 7 gallons of water that drops into the toilet bowl to push waste down a narrow snake-shaped pipe designed to trap odors.

With this system, 10 flushes a day in a home would result in as much as 25,550 gallons per year, costing as much as $250 per year for sewer and water at today’s prices.

In the mid 1990’s, 1.6 gallons per flush low flow toilets began appearing but did not work well and resulted in negative perceptions and market resistance.

Since then, technological advances introduced pressurized gravity assisted designs that made it possible for toilets to efficiently and effectively flush waste with as little as 1.2 gallons of water or even less. The snake-like trapway was also redesigned with better glazing and finishing, and the flapper sizes were increased.

Finally, the dual flush concept and design allowed the majority of flushes to take place with as little as 0.6 of a gallon, which took water conservation in the bathroom to a new level.

Green home low or dual flush toilets are certified by the EPA’s Water Sense program to use no more than 1.28 gallons per flush, thereby saving an average 74% and $130 per year or more in water and sewer costs for a family that flushes 10 times per day.

Any amount of water diverted from the sewer treatment system, and the conservation of our dwindling precious natural resources is of great benefit to our environment.

In conclusion, a low flow, dual flush toilet will save you water and sewer costs, help to protect our environment, and improve the value of your home.

I am looking forward to reviewing low flow and dual flush toilets, buttoning down their best features, how it works, what makes them green, and then providing FAQs and tips and tricks to give my readers a full understanding of this green living product. So, please come back soon and in the meantime, check out my other Living Green Reviews and please remember to visit and support my green store, so that you can also Switch it Green, Switch it Forward.

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