Low E Window Film FAQs

Low E Window Film

Low E Window Film FAQs

How long does low E window film  last?

Window films last for many years.  The exact length depends on how the film was installed, the quality of the film, the amount of light the film receives, the type of glass it is installed on, and the climate where you live.  In the end you can assume that your window film will last long beyond the typical 10 to 15-year warranty period.  Most films will provide energy savings and continue to make your home more comfortable 20 years after they are installed.

Can I install low E window film myself?

low E window film is not that hard to install and can be done by the typical home handyperson.  Professional installation, however, will give you the best results and will give you maximum manufacturer warranty.

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Does low E window film require special maintenance?

Window films are cleaned using the same products you would use to clean glass.  It is best to use non-abrasive cleaners even though many films are scratch resistant.

I already have high-performance glass windows, should I still install reflective film?

Obviously the energy savings will be less if the windows are already efficient.  What you will gain is additional protection from ultraviolet radiation.  Normal glass stops very little ultraviolet radiation and newer windows usually only block about 70 percent of the incoming ultraviolet radiation.  So installing window films may make your living space more comfortable and provide greater protection for your furnishings from fading.

How disruptive is a low E window film installation?

A typically window can be treated with window film in about 15 – 30 minutes.  There is virtually no disruption to people inside a home.

Will low E window film damage my windows?

Window films are applied to the window inside the home.  The film may increase the temperature of the glass, but it will not be hot enough to cause any damage to the window.  The risk of damage is really determined by the quality of the window.  Installing reflective film on windows purchased, and installed, by reputable window manufacturers will not damage the windows.

Is low E window film a replacement for energy efficient windows?

If you are not in a position to replace the windows in your home, an inexpensive solution is to use low E window film.  Window film is sold in many stores and comes in small rolls that can cover one or two windows.  Low E window film is inexpensive, relatively easy to install, helps block the sun’s heat during the summer, and keeps heat inside during the winter.  As a result, not only will you be helping the environment, you will also be lowering your heating and cooling bills.

Will low E window film stop all fading?

Even with the best reflective film, and the best windows, some ultraviolet radiation will still enter your home through the windows.  Ultraviolet is approximately 40% of the cause of fading.  Other factors that cause fading include visible light, heat, and humidity.  Since ultraviolet radiation is the major cause of fading and low E window film reduces the amount of ultraviolet radiation that enters your home, your furnishings will last as much as two to five times longer.

How much does installed low E window film cost?

If you have it professionally installed it will cost somewhere round $5-10 per square foot installed.  Obviously the cost will be less if you install the film yourself.  Note that this is a fraction of the cost of replacing an old window with a newer more energy efficient unit.

What energy savings can I expect?

Your energy savings depends on a lot of factors such as the type of glass are you installing it on.  Installing window film on an energy efficient window will result in some energy savings, but clearly not as much savings compared to installing film on an older single pane window.  The weather in your location and the amount of sun the window receives also factor into the savings.  Many homeowners report a reduction in energy costs from 5 to 15%.  Window films are inexpensive to install, so you will spend less money installing them, and as a result you will see a higher return on your investment.

Will low E window film make the inside of my house dark?

In a typical home people close shades and blinds to keep the sun out.  After installing window film you will find that you can leave the shades and blinds open, thereby letting more sun into your home than before.  There are a variety of films that you can choose from, some that allow very little light into your home, and others that allow more light to enter.

What is Luminous Efficacy?

The technical definition of luminous efficacy is that it is the ratio of light transmission to solar heat transmission.  To see how this works, probably the ideal window film would let a lot of light in (high light transmission) and at the same time let very little solar heat in.  So higher luminous efficacy ratings are what you are looking for in a solar reflective film.  The best window films have efficacy ratings of 1.0 or higher.

Will installing low E window film affect my heating and cooling costs?

Statistics published by the U.S. Department of Energy indicate that solar heat gain through windows is responsible for about 30% a home’s cooling costs. If you install solar reflective film that can reduce solar heat gain by 75% or more, you can significantly reduce the cost of cooling your home.  Not only will you save money in cooling costs, your air conditioning system will last longer, which will save money and be good for the environment.

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