How LED Outdoor Lighting Works

LED Outdoor Lighting

How LED Outdoor Lighting Works

LEDs are very adaptable and can be used in different ways to address almost any lighting need.  Given that LEDs turn on instantly and are effective in high and low temperatures, they are well suited for use as floodlights.  Insects are not attracted to the type of light produced by LEDs, making them ideal for use in your backyard in the summer.

Unlike incandescent lights that emit light from a vacuum, and fluorescent lights that emit light from a gas, LEDs emit light from a solid. When this solid, called a semiconductor, is energized with electricity, electrons flow from its negatively charged areas through small holes in its positively charged areas, thereby emitting light.  

LED Outdoor Lighting

Given that LED lights can turned on and back off quickly and that they turn on instantly makes them well suited for use in motion sensing lighting.  Motion sensor lights are typically used to light an area when motion is detected.   Mammals generate heat. A typical human has a skin temperature of about 93 degrees, which radiates from the body in the form of infrared energy.  Motion sensors work by sensing a rapid change in infrared energy in its detection area.  When someone walks into the range of the sensor, the infrared energy detected by the sensors increases rapidly, and the light is turned on.

Most outdoor LED floodlights come with an attached motion sensor that automatically turns lights on when humans appear.  Most sensors have a 180-degree range of motion and can detect people as far as 75 feet away.  When motion is detected, the floodlight will remain on for anywhere from one to ten minutes and then shut off.  Some lights allow you to adjust the amount of time the light will be on.

Dusk to dawn LED floodlights utilize a sensor that turns lights on as the sun rises and off when it sets. This not only saves energy but ensures consistent security.

Home lighting has been revolutionized.  The Edison type incandescent light bulb is a thing of the past and LED lighting is the future.

As more and more consumers install LED lighting and see the efficiency, longevity, safety, and cost savings these devices have to offer, the price of LED lighting will fall.  Before you know it, LED lighting will be as common in the home as incandescent lights are today.

LED Outdoor Lighting

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