10 Best Features of a Drip Irrigation System

Irrigation system

10 Best Features of a Drip Irrigation System

A drip irrigation works system come to mind for me every morning when I go outside to grab the newspaper and notice sprinklers running.

Given that plants absorb water through their roots, and sprinklers throw water out into the air, I am aware of how inefficient they are.

Maybe this is why the average American household uses 320 gallons of water per day and that almost one-third of all water use, nearly 9 billion gallons per day, is used to water lawns and gardens.

A drip irrigation system has great features that solve these problems and many more. Here are ten of them:

  • EFFICIENT: water applied only where and when it is needed
  • INSTALLATION: simple and easy – no special tools or glue are required.
  • REDUCED PEST PROBLEMS: water applied directly to roots cuts down on water-borne pests
  • VERSATILE: can be used in new and existing areas and in virtually any terrain
  • ROOT GROWTH: low volume application of water encourages vigorous root growth
  • REDUCES WEEDS – only waters the plants that you want to grow
  • ECONOMICAL: significantly lowers water use saving money
  • LONG LIFE: constructed of high quality, durable plastics designed to withstand harsh conditions
  • GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: reduces water use and minimizes water loss due to runoff
  • ADAPTABLE: can be easily expanded to irrigate additional plants
  • MADE IN AMERICA: most brands are made in the US

Irrigation System

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