Tips and Tricks for Hybrid Water Heaters.

Hybrid Water Heaters

Tips and Tricks for Hybrid Water Heaters.


Hire a licensed plumber to do the installation.

It is recommended that Hybrid Water Heaters should only be installed by a licensed plumbing contractor who has been certified to install this type of advanced technology. This is also required to comply with the manufacturers warranty.

Use the vacation mode feature.

Most hybrid water heaters have a vacation mode feature. You can set it to lower the water temperature to conserve energy while you are away for an extended period, like a vacation. This feature can then be programmed to raise the temperature back to the required level a few hours before you are scheduled to return.

hybrid water heaters

Consider your climate.

Is your air conditioning system used mostly for heating or cooling? In a hot climate like Florida, where home cooling is dominant, hybrid water heaters  work more efficiently when located in a non-conditioned space. An example is a non-conditioned garage, where there is an abundance of heat to be to transfer into the water. If it were instead located in the conditioned space, then it would find less heat in the air, although it would slightly assist in cooling the home.

In cold climates, hybrid water heaters work more efficiently in heated spaces. However, the cold air that is expelled will make the furnace work a little harder, which reduces overall efficiency.

 Start saving now.

By replacing your old electric water heater now, you stop losing money immediately. Hybrid hot water heaters are money savers, but only do so when you buy and start using one. I guess it’s like everything in life: If you don’t take action, nothing happens.

Set your water temperature a little lower.

The average U.S. home water heater set point is 125 °F. Have you ever held your hand in water which is that hot? Is it really necessary, or could you lower your set point by 5 – 10 °F ? I do, and as a result I save even more electricity. By lowering the set point, the water heater can recover faster and is less likely to have to rely on the conventional back-up which uses more electricity than the heat pump.

Keep the filter clean.

Just like air conditioners, hybrid water heaters need clean evaporator coils for them to work efficiently. Remove and clean or replace your water heater’s filter regularly. Some models are fitted with a sensor and indicator that conveniently warns you if the filter requires cleaning. By neglecting to maintain air filters, hybrid water heaters will run less efficiently and save less electricity.

Be proactive when expecting overnight guests.

All heat hybrid water heaters have an optional setting to over- ride the heat pump. If you have a large party of guests that are coming to spend the weekend, you can expect a high demand for hot water. Then set your water heater to its conventional heating mode.  This will ensure that the electric elements are used at all times which will ensure three times faster recovery and no unhappy faces at the breakfast table.

Go for operational convenience.

Some of the latest hybrid water heaters offer eye-level electronic back-lit LCDs to operate and change their function settings. This is much more convenient than some of the older models that require you to bend down and figure out manual settings that are usually located at the bottom of the heater.

Select a water heater with the right Energy Factor.

The efficiency of hybrid water heaters is described by their EF ratings. EF stands for Energy Factor. Like many energy efficient ratings of appliances, an EF rating is similar to the MPG fuel efficiency rating of a car. The EF rating is a measure of how much energy is produced (hot water) compared to the amount of energy invested (electricity). Traditional electric water heaters have EFs of less than 1. This means that less than 1 unit of energy is produced for every 1 unit invested. The EF of most hybrid water heaters is close to 2.5, which is excellent.

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