Hybrid Hot Water Heaters 10 Best Features and More

Hybrid Hot Water Heater

Hybrid Hot Water Heaters 10 Best Features and More

  • UTILITY COST SAVINGS – A Hybrid Hot Water Heater can significantly reduce the cost of the second biggest electrical load of a home.
  • ENERGY STAR QUALIFIED – Third party qualified for the mark of a genuine energy efficient appliance.
  • HIGH ENERGY FACTOR RATING –  EF = heat produced vs energy consumed. The EF of a Hybrid is more than 2 X higher than a standard water heater.
  • ADAPTIVE – Automatically initiates the  most effective timing and combinations of the two heating technologies to suit demand.

  • VACATION SETTINGS – Allows for reduced energy usage when the home is unoccupied for extended periods of time.
  • GOOD VALUE – As electrical utility costs increase, a Hybrid Hot Water Heater’s value increases.
  • HIGH APPROVAL – Hybrid Hot Water Heaters are rated highly in most consumer reports.
  • LONG LIFE – Provided that a good quality brand is purchased, a Hybrid Hot Water Heater will have a lifespan in excess of 10 years.
  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY – The combination of heat pump and traditional heating methods brings a cutting edge technology to the domestic market.
  • QUIET – If properly installed, a Hybrid Hot Water Heater can hardly be heard when running.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Any licensed plumber can install a Hybrid Hot Water Heater in less than an hour.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUPPORT – A Hybrid Hot Water Heater will reduce a home’s carbon footprint. Homeowner and planet wins.

 Hybrid Hot Water Heater

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