How does a whole house water filter work?

house water filter

How does a whole house water filter work?

In order provide pure drinking water, a house water filter needs to take care of a number of undesirables found in ordinary tap water, such as particles, odors, live disease carrying organisms, and chemicals.

The average house water filter only takes care of one or two of them. This is because different technologies  are required to remove each, and most filters only offer one.

House Water filter

A whole house water filter system uses all of the technologies required to remove particles, odors, live organisms, and chemicals.

After the water enters the home, it enters the first of the three in-line parts. This is a 2- inch activated carbon block that prevents most of the bad odors, chemicals, and larger particles from passing through. With a surface area of more than 500 ft² per gram (due to its many microscopic holes), Activated carbon,  is used because of its extreme ability to absorbs and arrests toxins.

The second part in-line is a smaller 10-inch carbon block. This arrests the remaining, smaller particles as small as only 5 microns. Also removed are the remaining volatile organic compound remnants, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether), THMs (Trihalomethanes) and subtle odors.

The final part of the system is a stainless steel cylinder that houses a UV lamp. This is where the live organisms such as bacteria, cysts, and viruses like cryptosporidium, giardia, coliform and e-coli are removed. Ultraviolet light accomplished this by penetrating their cell walls and rendering them unable to reproduce and inert.

The UV lamp is contained in the cylinder so that it cannot escape but is instead contained and intensified by the shiny stainless steel cylinder. A LCD shows the condition of the lamp and warns when it is time to be replaced. Although this sounds like a dangerous appliance to have in a home, it is perfectly safe as it cannot be powered unless the lamp is in place and has a child-proof cap.

Finally, the whole house water system only occupies 4.5 ft2.

As can be seen, no chemicals of any sort are used in the system, making the whole process green and safe.

House water Filter

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