How a Hot Water on Demand Pump Works

Hot Water on Demand

How a Hot Water on Demand Pump Works

We have all been there.  It is a cold morning and you are ready to take a nice warm shower.  You turn on the faucet and wait, and wait, and wait, and then after what seems like an eternity, hot water finally comes out of the faucet.

You probably have only waited three to four minutes, but during that time almost three gallons of precious water has been wasted running down the drain.

This process is repeated for countless showers, baths, dishes and other daily tasks all across the country every day.  The average household wastes around 40 gallons a day or almost 14,000 gallons of water a year!

Hot Water on Demand

What you are dealing with is basic plumbing.  The hot water sitting in your water heater has to move to the faucet.  In front of that hot water is cold water sitting in the pipe.  The cold water has to be moved out of the pipe in order for the hot water to reach the faucet.

A Hot Water on Demand Pump solves this problem by temporarily short-circuiting the plumbing in your house so that the hot water supply is connected to the cold water supply.  A pump pushes the water from the water heater to the faucet.

A bypass valve, under your sink, opens when cold water is in the hot water pipe and provides a path for that cold water to return to your water heater instead of going down the drain.  When the hot water reaches the bypass valve, the valve closes, and the pump stops.

The result is almost instantaneous hot water when you need it with no wasted water.  A Hot Water on Demand Pump can be activated by a timer, water flow sensor, or a switch.

A Hot Water on Demand Pump delivers hot water when it is needed on an average of four to five times quicker than conventional plumbing.  This greater convenience means not having to wait while cold water is pouring down the drain.

This saves time, water, energy, and sewage costs.  Special plumbing is not needed, and since the system is designed so that hot water will never cross over to the cold water line, all the cold water fixtures still have cold water and all of the hot water fixtures will have hot water.

Hot Water on Demand

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