Hot Water Circulating Pump -10 Best Features

Hot Water Circulating Pump

Hot Water Circulating Pump -10 Best Features


SAVES WATER – all the water previously wasted while waiting for hot water is saved

SAVES ELECTRICITY – less water has to be heated

EXTENDED HEATER LIFE – less work results in fewer replacements

PROGRAMMABLE – a timer lets you customize around your schedule of convenience

Hot Water Circulating Pump


SIMPLE INSTALLATION – can be installed by a plumber or a handyman

ON DEMAND – the pump is activated only when you need it

MAINTENANCE FREE – there are no moving parts that need servicing

RELIABLE – most units come with a one year warrantee

VERSATILE – can be used with all types of plumbing systems

QUIET – it does not vibrate and can hardly be heard

LOW OPERATING COST – costs as little as $0.05 a day to operate

SAVES MONEY – a lower water and sewer bill leaves money in your wallet.

MADE IN AMERICA – most brands are made in the US

Hot Water Circulating Pump

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