What makes ERV Home Ventilation Systems green?

Home Ventilation Systems

What makes ERV Home Ventilation Systems green?

ENERGY RECOVERY – recovers conditioning from outgoing air, transferring it to incoming air

LOW MAINTENANCE – only requires filter changes

ENERGY EFFICIENT – only uses 2 amps when running

IMPROVES AIR QUALITY – ensures correct number of air changes per hour

HELPS FIGHT MOLD – by reducing humid air from entering with fresh air

RESPIRATORY HEALTH BENEFITS – occupants breathe less indoor air pollution

REDUCES ALLERGIES –  filters out pollen entering with fresh air

QUIET – less than 1 sone for most models

SAVES MONEY – recovered conditioning and reduced AC run time and maintenance

EXTENDS EQUIPMENT LIFE – air conditioners work less and are replaced less often

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – reduces air conditioning run time and energy usage

Home Ventilation Systems

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