Home air filters

Home air filters

Home air filters

There are two kinds of home air filters. The cheap, ineffective thin ones, and the expensive fat ones that work. They also provide two different results, either unhealthy indoor air quality that contributes to higher health costs, or good and clean indoor air quality that promotes better occupant health.

The more expensive fat home air filters are called Medias, MERVs or HEPAs. They are fat because instead of only consisting of one flat panel that is supposed to trap particles and impurities in the air, they are like panels that have been folded many times. The result is that when air moves through them, they present a very large surface to trap the particles and impurities.

In addition, media, MERV or HEPA home air filters offer the below benefits and features:

  • A 90% efficiency rating or better – MERV ratings of as high as 20.
  • Anti-microbial technology – resistant to moisture and mold accumulation.
  • Stronger – heavy fat structure with frame does not bend, tear or break.
  • Long life – only have to be replaced every 6 – 12 months.
  • Energy saving – they help air conditioners to work more efficiently.
  • Money saving – air conditioners that work less cost less to run and maintain.
  • Availability – produced in all sizes and sold in all hardware stores.
  • Easy installation – simple slide in and out.
  • Effective – air that is almost 100% free of allergen stimulating particles and toxins.
  • Healthy – Protects young and old occupants.
  • Less hassle – Who wants to buy and replace filters every month?

Home air filters

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