What makes a home air filter green?

Home air filter

What makes a home air filter green?

Being green is not only about saving whales and glaciers. It is also about protecting our health. We would not think that this would be necessary for our homes, however, other than in our working environment, our homes are where we breath the most polluted air.

The problem is caused by the toxic materials that were used to construct and finish our homes. In addition, we and our animals create, and also troupe toxins in from outside. All of this was not an issue before the advent of air conditioning, which since then requires that doors and windows remain closed, thereby trapping the toxins inside.

Allowing our indoor environments to continuously make us sick is unsustainable. Medical treatment is expensive, time off work reduces productivity, and reduces our quality of life.  In combination with responsible indoor air quality management practices, a whole-house good quality media  home air filter with a high MERV rating addresses these problems, while also supporting sustainability for the following reasons:

  • Promotes recycling – look for the washable type that can be reused many times.
  • Natural material savings  – look for brands that are made from post- consumer content.
  • Resources protection  – look for brands that are manufactured from sustainably sourced materials.
  • Compostable – many brands can go back into and benefit the earth.
  • Durable and long-lasting –  replacing one filter every 6 – 12 months is the norm.
  • Improves occupant health – no more allergies, sneezing as well as bronchial problems.
  • Increases occupant productivity – less time off work and school benefits the whole family.
  • Reduces energy consumption – by allowing air conditioners to run easier.
  • Benefits the environment – air conditioners that work less, use less electricity, which reduces air pollution.
  • Reduced equipment maintenance costs – air conditioners that work less need less maintenance.
  • Reduced equipment replacements – air conditioners that work less last longer.
  • Reduces cleaning costs – clean indoor air means less dusting needs to be done.

Home air filters

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