Let’s first review the best features of a Heat Pump Water Heater.

UTILITY COST SAVINGS – a Heat Pump Water Heater can significantly reduce the cost of the second biggest electrical load of a home.
ENERGY STAR QUALIFIED – third party qualified for the mark of a genuine energy efficient appliance.

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Lets compare these three Heat Pump Water Heaters:

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How does a Heat Pump Water Heater work?

Heat pump water heater technology takes advantage of the principle that it is easier and cheaper to move heat than to produce it.

Standard water heaters are no more than very large kitchen kettles. If you look inside a kettle, you will notice a resistance element. The element is energized by electricity and heats the water in the kettle. It is a primitive and very energy inefficient technology. A domestic water heater uses two large resistance elements. This is the reason it consumes such a lot of electricity.

In contrast, a heat pump water heater works like a fridge in reverse. While a fridge finds heat in the air inside it and moves it to the outside air, a heat pump water heater finds heat in the air around it and moves it inside, where it is transferred to the water. Although slower, this process uses much less energy.

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What makes a Heat Pump Water Heater green?

The concept of moving heat from one location to another, instead of making heat, is a solid green concept. This is what takes place in a heat pump water heater.

Instead of inefficiently using large amounts of electricity to energize resistance heating elements (ancient technology) to heat water, a heat pump heater moves heat from the air to the water.

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Heat Pump Water Heater

Let’s dig deeper with Heat Pump Water Heater FAQs …

Is a tax credit available for Heat Pump Water Heaters?
 Yes, a tax credit of $300 is possible provided that the heat pump has an Energy factor of 2.0 or more. See the facts here.

How should Heat Pump Water Heater be installed?
This product should be installed by a licensed plumber.

How much maintenance does a Heat Pump Water Heater need?
See the requirements and schedule.

How much energy does a Heat Pump Water Heater save?
Heat Pump Water Heaters save significant amounts of energy. Exactly how much you will save in your home is another question. Read my opinion on energy saving predictions and then come back and watch this manufacturer’s analysis and video.

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Tips and tricks for Heat Pump Water Heaters

Save additional energy.
Additional hot water heating energy and costs can be saved by increasing the insulation of the hot water tank by using a Hot Water Heater Jacket, and also insulating the hot water pipes using Wrap Insulation.

Make sure that the hybrid mode option has been selected.
The hybrid function automatically switches the water heater from heat pump mode to resistance element heating mode when the hot water demand increases over a short period of time. Make sure that this resistance element mode has not been activated, or your water heater will be performing just like a regular energy inefficient water heater.

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So there you have it….. Can you see how a Heat Pump Water Heater can  make the world a little greener? If so, I hope that you will choose one of the below models of visit my Heat Pump Water Heater Store to see the full range.

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