Ethanol Fireplaces – What Makes them Green?

Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol Fireplaces – What Makes them Green? 

Green house gasses trap heat and cause the planet to heat up. These gasses are mostly the result of humans burning fossil fuels for the past 150 years for the generation of electricity. The result is particulate polluted air, global warming and climate change which is detrimental to all life, our environment, and the planet as a whole.  

Ethanol Fireplaces

Not all fuels do this when burned.  The burning of bioethanol fuel is particulate free which is very important for indoor air quality, produces almost no green house gasses, and is derived from a renewable source of agricultural products, which has the added benefit of reducing the depletion of our fossil reserves and providing work for farmers.

Added to petroleum, this fuel also reduces harmful emissions in cars and also extends the life of gasoline driven engines. Also, the exhausting of our fossil fuels is an unsustainable practice, which means that it can not be continued for ever.

Ethanol Fireplaces are green because they use bioethanol as their fuel for burning. As Ehanol Fireplaces do not need electrical ignitions, they save on electricity bills as well as removing the need to burn additional fossil fuels.

Due to the absence of a chimney or flue, Ethanol Fireplaces are energy efficient and save money. ‘Sick Home Syndrome’ is the term given to a condition arising from poor air quality in tight, air conditioned homes that aren’t ventilated with fresh air. The sick air can be cumulatively worsened by appliances that give off particulates, such as wood burning fireplaces and appliances. The symptoms for the sickness include headache, nausea, vomiting, irritations, allergies and flue like indications.

With the use of Ethanol Fireplaces, many health problems associated with the Sick Home Syndrome can be avoided. This is because the burning of bioethanol does not release any particulates, ash or toxic gases into the home.

Bioethanol’s green / sustainability classification is somewhat debatable in some circles due the high cost of harvesting the agricultural products needed to produce the fuel, however, it’s benefits of being a substantial labor creator usually counters this argument.

Ethanol Fireplaces

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